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Bundy had met up with Stephanie Brooks once again. Stephanie noticed the Ted’s transformation resulting in a reconcile of their relationship. Just as suddenly as their relationship was rekindled, it dissipated just as quick. Bundy had been plotting his revenge against Stephanie for a long time. He wanted to reject her the way she rejected him; he became cold to her and broke all contact off with her in February 1974. (Duijndam.) This was just the beginning of Bundy’s revenge and vicious sexual fulfillment against society. The remains of Kathy Devine were found on December 6, 1973 which the police had immediately began an investigation. Shortly after the Devine attack, Lynda Ann Healy went missing. During the spring and summer as many as seven female students went missing from

the states of Utah, Oregon, and Washington. A pattern emerged from these mysterious disappearances; all the victims were white, thin, and single. The police interviewed various college students and some had stated that they had seen a strange man in the parking lot on campus that was wearing a cast and asking for assistance with starting his Volkswagen (VW) Bug. In August of 1974 in Lake Sammamish, Washington, the two girls were found and then identified from their remains, as Janice Ott and Denise Naslund. (Duijndam.) Similarities between the murders in Utah and Oregon caught the attention of the local police in Utah, desperately searching for the person liable for these horrendous murders. Slowly the evidence was built with every murder; investigators concluded that the man who

committed these murders in Utah was the same man in the other murders. Ted Bundy, pretended to be a police officer, approached Carol DaRonch one night. Bundy stated that he saw someone try to break in her car. Bundy escorted her into his VW Bug, took her to a remote area which, he stopped the vehicle (Larsen.) He put handcuffs on her and he threatened her with a gun, she managed to get away and escape with some people passing by in a car. Police found blood on the victim’s coat, which matched Bundy’s blood type. Later that same night the police had found a key in the parking lot where Debby Kent went missing. A month later a witness called in stating they saw a VW Bug speed away from a high school the night Kent disappeared. Bundy was arrested on August 16, 1975 caught

speeding away with no lights on, in the Salt Lake neighborhood. A search was conducted of the VW. There was no passenger seat, there were the handcuffs, a ski mask, and an ice pick and tape. The was connection was made to the previous attempted kidnappings, Bundy was convicted of the attempted kidnappings and sent to prison after DaRonch and a friend of Kent’s picked Bundy out of a lineup. Ted was eventually charged with the murders of Melissa Smith and Caryn Campbell when their bodies were found, Bundy was extradited. Bundy kept protesting his innocence and a full-blown investigation was conducted on Ted Bundy. Police then approached Stephanie Brooks for information on Ted Bundy. She told them how Ted had abruptly changed his behavior toward her, how he became cold and

insensitive. It seemed Bundy was living a double life filled of lies and betrayal. The evidence was building towards Bundy’s conviction. An old friend of Bundy’s had said he saw pantyhose in Ted’s car and that he spent a considerable amount of time up at Taylor Mountains where bodies of victims have been discovered. Another old friend of Bundy’s had reported that he saw him with a cast on, but no record of him ever breaking his arm in any hospital. On February 23, 1976 Bundy was put on trial for the kidnapping of DaRonch. Bundy felt confident that there was no hard evidence to convict him, but he was wrong. DaRonch pointed to Bundy the man who portrayed himself to be “Officer Roseland” (Mellow 10.) The judge reviewed the case and found Bundy guilty on aggravated

kidnapping. Bundy was sentenced to fifteen years with the possibility for parole. Farther investigations had found that hairs from Campbell and Smith were found in Bundy’s VM Bug. This linked him to the murders of the two females, Bundy was moved to Garfield County Jail in Colorado in April of ‘77 to await the murder trial of these two girls. “Bundy was granted permission to leave the confines of the jail on occasion and utilize the courthouse library in Aspen, to conduct legal research. In order to defend himself. What police didn’t know was that he was planning his escape”(Michaud.) On June 7th during one of his trips to the library Ted jumped out the window and escaped to freedom. In this poor attempt, within six days Bundy returned to jail when caught trying to