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Technology Vs. Humanity Essay, Research Paper Technology vs. Humanity In Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World, there is a major contrast between two existing societies. It is a battle between the perfect world, the brave new world, and the way that we live today, the Savage Reservation. The two societies have many similarities; however, it is there differences, which will persuade your opinion to one side or another. First of all, in the brave new world the major goal is to reach Utopia, the perfect world. It is a very clean and organized society where feelings and emotions are unheard of and peace is safeguarded through the state’s process of conditioning all the young to think alike. In the brave new world marriage is forbidden and birth is an artificial process done in

test tubes. By doing this, both stability and popularity are controlled by the number of test tube births and regulation of supply and demand. After their artificial birth the children, who vary in five different castes, are conditioned to a job, which they will do for the remainder of their 40 to 43 year old lives. It has been stated that “what man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder.” Even though children are forced to participate in a variety of activities to develop “proper” social attitudes in the future, this society has chosen machinery, medicine, and happiness. On the other hand, the Savage Reservation is quite different from the brave new world. It is a society contained of mostly Indians that are blessed with all the vestiges of life as it was before

the coming of the autocratic Utopia. They are considered a primitive group who were not worth converting to the new order because they are titled as too simple-minded. These Savages are naturally born, have family values, and are capable of attaining any job they want to do in life. Unlike the Utopians, the Savages are not conditioned to their future role in life and nor are they forced to die in their early forties. They can live into decrepit old age or as long as they want. Although the Savages live in a poor, dirty, and highly vulnerable diseased area, it seems that they are happy. They are able to choose either a life of solitude or become one with the community, even if they are considered complications to the world. After reading the book and taking all the information

about both the societies and their characteristics, I feel that I would prefer to live in the Savage Reservation. Despite the poverty and dirt, I feel it would best suit me and the things I look for in life. What I’m trying to say is that I need freedom and opportunity. I can not be controlled like a robot and do the same job everyday of my life. Nor could I go through life without feelings or emotions. The brave new world to me is not Utopia, it is technology. It is taking all human values and vestiges of life and throwing them away. What is the point of life if you do not get to express individuality or get to face problems of ordinary life? This is why I think living in the Savage Reservation would be better than the brave new world. In conclusion, Huxley’s Brave New World

is the comparison of two societies which are very different from one another. They both contain reasonable ways to run the world’ however, I feel that the Savage Reservation would be a more suitable environment for me than the brave new world.