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W. Leibniz and Rene Descartes pushed computation and mathematical physics far ahead of ethics and feelings. The Cartesian revolution in philosophy put mathematical physics at the top of the list of priorities while ethics became the incidental victim of skeptical reasoning.” (Heim 34) In Heim’s terms, Monsanto is the idealist, those opposed to biotechnology, such as the Unabomber and the protesters in Europe are the na ve realists, and I, myself would be an optimist. I share the same view as Descartes and Leibniz, where technology comes before ethics and moral issues. Yes, I do have moral principles and I do think about them, but I believe that technology is essential to the advancement of man now and in the future. I would place Heim, the Unabomber, and those completely

against technology in the category of those who are not willing to accept and who oppose the fact that our world is going through major technological advancement. The change is quite evident, from the typical forms of communication to the new forms such as fax, email, and chat. The typical forms of agricultural development are now being moved in upon by technology. Like the Internet and many other technological advancements, biotechnology is being rejected by the whole. We need technology to learn more, to make more happen. Biotechnology, such as the New Leaf and other forms of genetic engineering aid greatly in the survival of the human race, although it is not noticed now, it may be noticed in the future. Technology is responsible for where our world is today. Knowledge is

power, and there is indeed, much knowledge through technology. Technology is a powerful tool, which we have complete control over.