Technology In Our Lives Essay Research Paper

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Technology In Our Lives Essay, Research Paper Technology nowadays constantly seems to seep its way into our daily routines. Everything we do is somehow connected with technology, whether it be working on a paper in the computer lab, taking the H bus to class, or even eating dinner at Brower Commons.. Without technology, life would be more difficult than it already is, knowledge would be limited and more difficult to achieve. The task of technology is to create a better, and easier living for ourselves and for the world; it’s intentions are only positive, unless looked on in the subject matter of destruction, warfare or terrorism. Biotechnology goes down deeper than the computer chips and electronic devices that people think about when discussing technology. Biotechnology

deals with the concoction of technology and life, which brings up various moral issues, yet at the same time acts positively for our world. It has been practiced by human society since the beginning of recorded history in such activities as baking bread, brewing alcoholic beverages, or breeding food crops or domestic animals. Biotechnology in the case of Monsanto is a step forward in the field of technology, and a step forward for us. Without technology, our nation would not be where it is today, and I hope we continue to push technology to its outer limits, if that is, those outer limits do actually exist. Like most technological advancements and breakthroughs, problems arise depending on the willingness and readiness of us humans to accept the new form of technology.

Biotechnology can be broadly defined as: using living organisms or their products for commercial use. The company Monsanto, specializes in biotechnology both in the pharmaceutical and agricultural fields. The article “Playing God in the Garden”, written by Michael Pollan discusses the topic of biotechnology in the field of agriculture, and touches greatly upon the New Leaf Superior, one of Monsanto’s agricultural products which focuses on potato farmers. This New Leaf Superior product is basically a super-form of a potato. This super potato was genetically engineered by scientists in Monsanto’s St. Louis research lab to automatically repel any Colorado Potato Beetle – a potato farmers worst enemy. The intent of this New Leaf Superior is to assist farmers in farming

potatoes, and as Monsanto states on its website (, it is clearly having an effect on farming. “[The New Leaf Superior] is more effective against potato leaf roll virus than any insecticide program, and it also prevents rotting and internal defects. As a result, it reduces insecticide use by over 80 percent, increases processor throughput, reduces inputs, protects yields and improves quality.” I asked myself : “Why does Monsanto only allow farmers to grow one generation if they are trying to help them out?” The answer took some thought but I came to a conclusion after Pollan explained the “software metaphor”. Monsanto acts like a computer software company, only that the company does not revolve around a computer like

a software company does. The company revolves around life. This company releases “software” which assists us in completing tasks, gaining knowledge, and succeeding. Like all computer software companies, Monsanto includes a “CD key”, so that reproduction and piracy would not be possible. This “CD key” is a gene added to the plant by Monsanto’s scientists for identification purpose. After all, Monsanto did discover the New Leaf Superior, which obviously took a lot of research and development. Those against technology and it’s advancement are most likely opposed to biotechnology as well. Included in the Unabomber’s manifesto is his stressed position on technology and biotechnology. “Search the Unabomber Manifesto and you find the word ‘computer’ frequently