Technology In Our Life Essay Research Paper

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Technology In Our Life Essay, Research Paper Some one would say that technology would be men down fall. Some would say that technology is to blame for the evils in this world. That the Internet is a breeding ground for criminals. Cell phones cause accidents. Power ful weapons being made more and more by theological advances. I’m here to dispute this, I mean if it weren’t for technology you would sure live a smaller life, not be as safe as you are, not have the leisure’s and comforts in life as you do know. So when I speak for technology, I speak for it on the basis that if it weren’t for technology we would be sitting in a cave living in anarchy. “ Technology is to blame for wars, technology is to blame for crimes.” I’m sorry but this is a bunch of ludicrous

allegations. First of war has been a part of history since time has began. Second crime has always been a part of society since the begging of time, you have to understand for good to exist evil must be present to show contrast of wrong and right. Any way im straying of the point, Technology if anything makes us safer from crime and, advancements in the crime investigation industry helps us catch more and more criminals day by day and also prevents crimes from happening. As for war well I under stand the fear of nuclear weapons yet with technology comes education that world leaders understand that in a nuclear war there is no winner. It’s a beautiful day you’re out at the lake with your friends all of a sudden you fall in the lake. You don’t know how to swim you, you’re

drowning no wait lets see, hmm well your friends could pull you out and give you c.p.r but wait c.p.r was invented by technology in the 1950’s, hmmm they can call 911. Yet no cell phone because that is one of technologies big sellers right know so I guess you’re going to die that sucks. Who says it wasn’t nice to live in the 1920’s. This is my point every one wants to bash down technology and the internet yet they don’t understand the things they take for granted I mean technology has furthered the medical industry to glorious heights. I mean it’s a wonderful day when some one who is having by pass surgery done can get it done immediately even if the specialist is in Texas and the patient in new York via the internet link. Technologies brings us closer tighter as a

society I mean you can go and the Internet and find anything you want to know about other civilizations. Of course people do belive in the evils that are on the internet yet, everything in life has evil to it when you drive your car you could die, when you rode a horse you can risk a chance of paralization, I mean nothing is 100 % safe and right, yet that’s life and human nature. So the next time you bash technology just remember what your wearing, how many times you went to a doctor, watched TV, ridden in a car, used a phone or a credit card. The imagine your self with out those things and in a cave hunting for food with anarchy as your life because threes know grocery store with out technology no matter how lo or high tech technology has always progressed us.