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used in a beautiful way. It is as if you were riding a lion you should be strong enough to tame the lion, or it will eat you (Stille 579). From this quote we see that Mishra and his people accept the use of technology and its components, like the Internet. They are optimists in a way because they see the elegance of technology. They see it as a benefit for them because they can learn from it and if they were using the Internet they would be able to contact people from around the world. They also perceive that technology is like a lion in which it could be tame or untamed. In other word s technology can either be controlled or it can control you. As both terms, na ve realists and network idealists, are defined to be opposites, both have an intersectin quality that binds them

together. Heim describe this with a new term and he call its virtual realism. The idea of virtual realism is that it does not have to tend na ve realism or network idealism; rather it becomes kind of a transition between the two. Heim says, virtual realism walks a tightrope. The delicate balancing act sways between the idealism of unstoppable Progress and the Luddite resistance of virtual life (379). What Heim is saying is that virtual realism is a thin line between a neaive realist and a network idealist. It makes a seperation between the two terms allowing it to split down the middle. Heim is trying to make us realize that there is an in between between a na ve realist and a network idealist. It sways between the two while at the same time balancing both of their differences.