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Technology Essay, Research Paper Introduction: Technology What Is It? General term for the processes by which human beings fashion tools and Machines to increase their control and understanding of the material environment. The Term is derived from the Greek words tekhne, which refers to an art or craft, and logia, Meaning an area of study; thus, technology means, literally, the study, or science, of Crafting. As technology evolves, scientist and historians say that technology grows at A geometric rate without respect to geographical limits or political systems. These Innovations tend to transform traditional cultural systems, frequently with unexpected Social consequences. Thus technology can be conceived as both a creative and a Destructive process. Technology Has been

evolving with us since the beginning of the Prehistoric age, from the simplest off tools of the cave men to the now present future. Electronic fiber optic cables and the computerized artificial intelligence. Technology is Very important in our society, with out it we would not be able to survive in our ever Changing society. Imagine is someone didn’t invent transportation. We would have not Discovered the other continents. Or not having the technology to cope with our ever Growing population. We would have run out of enough supply of food to feed ourselves. How about if cave men didn’t discover fire? We would have not survive even just for a Day. All these things we owe to technology, so we must harness what it has to offer And further improve our society. Inventions That

Have Changed Our Lives: Telephone: In the field of communication one of the most famous and useful invention In our modern society is the telephone. Invented by Alexander Graham Bell, he has Made our life so much easier and more productive. Saying that he has made an impact To society would be an understatement. These telephones transmit electronic pulses That would then be converted to sound that is comprehendible to us humans, but These telephones are big and bulky and they need wires to transmit these pulses. Then Came the invention called A cellular telephone that designed to give the user maximum Freedom of movement while using a telephone. A cellular telephone uses radio signals To communicate between the set and an antenna. The served area is divided into cells something

like a honeycomb, and an antenna is placed within each cell and connected by telephone lines to one exchange devoted to cellular telephone calls. This exchange connects cellular telephones to one another or transfers the call to a regular exchange if the call is between a cellular telephone and a noncellular telephone. The special cellular exchange, through computer control, selects the antenna closest to the telephone when service is requested. As the telephone roams, the exchange automatically determines when to change the serving cell based on the power of the radio signal received simultaneously at adjacent sites. This change occurs without interrupting conversation. Practical power considerations limit the distance between the telephone and the nearest cellular antenna, and

since cellular phones use radio signals, it is very easy for unauthorized people to access communications carried out over cellular phones. Currently, digital cellular phones are gaining in popularity because the radio signals are harder to intercept and decode. Also the fast growing popular video phones that work like a normal telephone but includes the ability to transmit videos through the use of a small camera. although these video phones are not yet popular in our present society. they will soon be in every home in the world. Pagers: not all inventions that where once practical remain practical. one example are the invention of pagers. although these pagers are still currently used in our society they in my own opinion have out lived there use. these pagers where used during