Technology Essay Research Paper How Technology Has

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Technology Essay, Research Paper How Technology Has Changed The Way Businesses Work Technology has definitely changed the way businesses operate today. Over the last three years many standard procedures have now become obsolete. With the invasion of the Internet the entire picture has changed. Business has had to quickly transform to keep up with the technological advances. Businesses have changed to meet these new demands in many ways. One major area that has been revamped because of the Internet is marketing. There are definitely increased marketing possibilities for companies. International markets are available now and are highly sought after. Advertising the product can be accomplished in any remote location wherever a computer may be available. The Internet has made

product ordering more accessible in these ways. Customers are able to place orders online using detailed pictorial information. More comparison-shopping can be done in a shorter period of time because almost all companies have ordering information online these days. A large database of product information is available from all companies. The customer is informed instantly about product availability. Ordering procedures are simplified for the customer. After the order is placed, a person can access shipping information on their particular order. Sales jobs at businesses have changed. Very little trade is done through door-to-door or face to face communication. All employees must be computer literate because of the proliferation of computers. Companies must create and provide

training courses for these workers. In general businesses must analyze their needs and provide specific instruction for each area. To ensure continued growth, companies must now employ people who are proficient in web site design. These web sites must display product information in the best way possible to promote sales. With the advent of the Internet, business procedures will never be the same again.