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candidate for another work position in another company. She tried to look for some technical training in a local private computer school. But, when she knew about the astronomical prices she had to pay for the classes, she got discouraged. She tried to buy a computer and found out that she could not afforded it. She is trying to catch up with the technology advances by learning computer skills at a local community youth center. She is learning word processing, spreadsheet, and database plus windows operating system. She is also learning how to use the Internet and take advantages of it. Now she understands the necessity of computer and has become more aware of her 7 future because of this experience. She doesn t want her son to face the same obstacles she is having now with her

lack of knowledge in computers. I did not start using the Internet until about three years ago. I had not real desire in getting a connection to the Internet because the contents of it were not really interesting for me and the ISP only offered limited access time at that moment. Actually, the common citizen did not put to much attention to the Internet revolution probably because the idea of a huge computer interconnection was not an appealing idea for changing the traditional way of doing businesses as it has been for so many years. Many people though of the Internet as being an insecure way of doing business. People fear that by doing business trough the Internet their private life were being jeopardy because there were so many glitches and misinformation on how Internet

companies were going to handle security and private information of customers. But the Internet in fact has become a far more important element in everybody s life now because it is supposed to be a force for equal opportunity. Although this idea might look very tenting, my fears are that the Internet revolution could create an even more divided society, which could bring enormous consequences and create divisions that seem to make all the different gaps and disadvantages for minorities in access to new technologies to grow even wider. Work Cited Henderson, Wade. Turning The Digital Divide Into Digital Opportunity. Leadership Conference On Civil Rights November 20, 1999. Levy, Kelly Racial Divide Continues to Grow. February 6, 2000 Levy, Kelly

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