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living. Therefore, I could provide food and a roof for my family. I had no interest in become a computer professional just to make a living out it. Eventhough I had taken some computer programming classes in 1984 in my native country Nicaragua, this classes did not wake up my interest for following a career in technology because I was not actually interacting with a computer but writing programming code in a piece of paper instead. Programming a computer did not look to interesting for me at that time. For one thing, personal computers in those days when I took those classes were a very rare and expensive animal. Not to 4 many people were able to have access to computers because they were very expensive. Only large companies who could afford to pay hefty prices for a piece of

equipment that could only do mostly limited functions were able to have access to such type of technology. After my first experience with computers in this country, I started to have more interest in making a career in computers by working with them. Learning how to operate, assembly, and troubleshoot a personal computer was not an easy task for me because I had to learn a whole new set of technical vocabulary, which I was not familiar with it before. Another obstacle was the language barrier, due to the fact that I did not speak or read English very well and all of the documentation and references related to learning and work on a personal computer were written in English. After working for a year in this company and having struggled most of the time in my goal for becoming a

computer technician. I decided to approach my objective in a different way. I enrolled in Miami Dade Community College 1991 and concentrated my free time in learning English the best possible way I could. I had to work two jobs and save money in order to enroll and pay for my classes because my earnings were low and barely allowed me to survive in this country. My work provided me with hands on environment where I could sharpen my knowledge acquired in class but at the same time did not encouraged too much about staying with the company because of the low salary. After a couple of year I realized that I was not going anywhere If I stayed working for this company, so I decided to look for a better opportunity elsewhere. I got a new job 5 in another computer wholesaler who offered

me more money but nothing new in the essence of the job because I was doing the same thing, assembling computers. In 1993 the Internet was in its early stages and like almost any new technology, this one was expensive and difficult to acquire because not to many ISP (Internet Service Provider) offered, so I did not put to much attention to it. I continue working hard and studying at Miami Dade Community College, but at the same time I felt the necessity of getting my own computer. I needed it for my class homework, practice and learn how to be prolific with software installation and support in my free time at home. The situation was very ironic because I was a computer technician who knew how to assembly and repair computers but I could not afford to buy a new computer for myself

because they were very expensive. My desire to get a new personal computer was interfering with my responsibilities toward providing my family with food and bills payments at home. I had to decide whether to continue in my pursuing of my goal or continue my support for my family, which was my priority at that moment. This situation affected me very much because personal computers were now part of my life and if I wanted to master my knowledge on them, I had to get rid of my saving in order to buy one. My personal experience show how low income workers in minorities have to deal with the fact that access to new technology is not 6 providing any benefits in the short run for them. Fortunately, a friend of mine had a used computer for sale and I bought at a reasonable price from him

after all because I knew already the importance of a personal computer in my life. Another example an African-American friend of mine named Celeste. She is a 34 years old single mom and a graduate student from Miami Senior High. She did not go to college and she the typical example of people who are falling behind the Internet revolution and changes in technology. When she attended high school, there was no much access to computers in schools. So, she never became aware of the importance of knowing how to work and operate a computer. After working for 10 years at a local company, where she was making $8 dollars an hour until she was let go by the company because of her lack of computer knowledge. Then she realize how important is to learn new skills in order to be a good