Technology Crime Essay Research Paper Today it

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Technology Crime Essay, Research Paper Today it is hard to commit a crime a not get caught because, of the technology that is used today. If you look back to the fifties and sixties many crimes were not solved. Back in those days people would know that they could get away with something. In the present time technology allows us to solve just about any crime. If you can get away with a serious offense such as murder, rape, or another felony offense then you must have done a good job at it. The different methods to catch a person are extremely helpful to the law. For example, all the different DNA test that can be done to catch a criminal. As long as the investigator has a little spec of blood, hair, clothing, or sperm then there is a high chance that the criminal will be

caught. Also, with the training that the investigators have that work on scene is very good. When the investigators are searching a scene for evidence they do every little square inch of all the possible area. It is very amazing with the many different tools and methods they have to do a search. If they don t find some evidence then there are ways to catch the criminal, if someone got a picture or a look at the person. If you think back to the fifties and sixties they didn t have anything that could do a DNA search or all the different ways to find a person. Just say that a criminal got away with leaving no evidence. There are still ways that the criminal could be caught. Say that a witness got a good look at the person or that someone was lucky enough to get a picture. In the

present time there are many different programs for the computer that could draw a good sketch of the person. If the description of the person was true and correct, then it could give a very good picture of what the person really looked like. As comparison to the old days the picture wouldn t be so accurate. The reason being, because the picture would have had to been drawn by hand, making it not as true and correct as the computer would. Another way that a victim could be identified is by a camera. Today all police cars are equipped with cameras. Also there are camera s in just about every convenient store, shopping store, clothing store and stores like those. I know there are cameras in every bank. I think that it is a very good idea to have a camera in a police cruiser.

Frequently someone that they stopped for a traffic violation blames police officers for harassment or assault. The reason that they usually do that is because they are mad at the officer for giving them a citation. If an officer were blamed for harassment or assault before the new technology then it would be ones word against the other. More than likely the officer would win the case, but the fact is today you wouldn t have to worry about that. For example, the Rodney King case they used a video to prosecute the police officers. They are also good in a case that a police officer was murdered while he was on a routine stop. In the case that a police officer was killed in the line of duty and it was on a traffic stop, then the video could be used as evidence. There are also in some

big cities cameras right above the traffic lights. They are used to catch people that violate the traffic laws. In the fifties and sixties they didn t have that kind of technology. So I feel that is was much easier to get away with a crime. I sit and wonder how good technology will be ten or even twenty years from now. If you think of how well technology is now in comparison to how it was years ago, it is very advanced. We have a lot of things that were done by humans that are now done by computers. I can picture the United States as a location like The Jetsons or something like that. There are such vehicles that can be bought that are flown instead of drove. I would like to think of how crimes will be solved. Well, maybe there won t be any crime because everyone would know that