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Technology Changes Essay, Research Paper New Technologies, new problems. By Santana Hernan Technology sometimes changes and gives tools to employees to make the job easier, but what happens when these employees and the company are not prepared for these transitions.? Rarely new technologies are accepted with affability by employees who have used inefficient systems for ten years, and now they do not want to change because change carries greater effort and risk. The other reason to refute these changes, frequently when new technologies are being implemented, is the question that all employees ask: “Why switch if the current system works correctly?” It is important to comprehend that some employees will have fears when these adjustments are not introduced in the company

with information sufficient to transmit confidence and safety. This can provoke complex problems in different levels of the corporation like which position is more important because with new technologies some employees will be replaced and dismissed. This is a simple example, but what adjustment does not carry dismissals? Every corporate adjustment carries terrible effects, but these effects will be calmed if the change is introduced like a natural and normal process. On the other hand, when a change is implemented as a natural company process, this is accepted unconditionally, which is safer for the corporation. It is extremely important to create management that promote changes in a transparent form and allow the flow of information. If the employees participate and chare the

objective of the change with the company, there is a great possibility of reaching the goal of the company. And the answer to “Why switch if the system works correctly?” will be accepted by all employees. Finally, if some companies must put into practice various technological adjustments it is important for them to inform the employees of the adjustment s objective, to explain all potential secondary effects, to train the employees about how to use the new technology and to make them understand all phases of the process. The company must announce each consecutive step in the process for implementing a change in order to avoid a possible condition of chaos in the company.