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Technology And Media Essay, Research Paper Look around us today, what do you see? Technology being thrown at you from all kinds of places. For one the media has brought technology to another level. But if you really look at the whole picture technology is media. The both of them interact with each other. We are swamped by media and technology, having no control over it, and don’t know what to believe about technology anymore. Technology is blasted on 260,000 billboards, 17,000 newspapers, 12,000 periodicals, 27,000 video outlets for renting tapes, 400 million television sets, and well over 400 million radios. The media always brings us the up to date advances in technology, whether it is a new form of Internet connection or diet pills. Media is always there for technology.

The television is a source of media where a TV producer or reporter does not has complete control over the contents of programs. The interests and inclinations of the audience have as much to do with the what is on television as do the ideas of the producer and reporter. But television cannot survive without advertising, so television turns into the middleman and the true ruler of the majority is advertising. Which brings in society and what they want to hear. I am very sure that middleman that has recently purchased a cellular phone that he saw in the newspaper as being the “must have” will cause brain tumors for him 15 years later. Why doesn’t the media protect the public from harmful technologies. Why doesn’t the government step into this problem. Sooner or later

(probably sooner) Microsoft will have a monopoly on the whole computer world especially those dealing with software. I think this is ridiculous. Bill Gates seems like a greedy little person who will just get greedier. The media supports technology in every way. How many times you do see Neil Postman on your TV set compared to Bill Gates. Now a days no one has complete control over media or technology, it is run by large companies that are dying to sell you the latest luxuries to inhance your intelligence or fun. When you turn on your TV at night and watch your favorite news channel, all you can see violence or the latest technologies that were developed that day. I am not saying this is bad, just makes you wonder what our society’s obsession are. Remember back a few years when

England coloned Dolly the sheep, it was very controversial in the world and this new experiment was captured by the media and every channel, newspaper and magazine was on top of the story. But how many new channels coverd the story where cell phones are will cause brain tumors down the line.