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Technology Advances Essay, Research Paper TECHNOLOGY The technology we have today would of boggled the minds of people from long, long ago. I mean people from B.C. times. When they were around their technology was being able to write, and paint of cave walls, and being able to make spears, bows, and arrows. Then around the Renaissance era (1300’s – 1600’s) we had weapons such as stronger and more efficient bows, straighter sturdier arrows. We had cannons, single shot black powder rifles and pistols, and huge slingshots. Around that time the printing press was just founded, and that was new to everyone. That made making books easier and cheaper, along with buying then also. Now it is the year of 2000. The technology we have now is 100 times better then what they had

then. Now instead of just having bows and arrows with a limited pull back weight since they were made of just wood, we have bows that can have an enormous amount of pull back weight. We also have better weaponry. We have rifles that can fire for 1,000’s of yards, we have the capability to blow something up on the other side of the world, and we can even totally erase an everything of another country not leaving a trace. But the weapons aren’t the best type of technology we have. Right at this moment we can talk to someone by just pushing numbers on a phone, dialing up with the internet. Even just about 30 years ago we couldn’t even do that we were still having to send mail through the post office by hand writing a note, letter anything. Just think that was only about 30

years ago. Today we can do all of that with just a push of a button or two. We have gone from vinyl records, to 8-tracks, to cassette tapes, and then to compact discs. We can even get music off the internet in the for of mp3’s. There isn’t anything this day and age we can’t do. Even as we speak technology is forming around us. Like when you go buy a computer, with in 3 weeks there is one that is bigger and better then the one you purchased. The bad part in technology is it doesn’t always change for the good. Just look at all the bombs everyone on this planet use to kill people. We don’t always plan for what we are going to use the new technology for. For example Albert Einstein made fission and fusion but those were used the wrong way and made the nuclier bomb witch

killed millions. I would like to close in saying that technology is all around you, it is in everything you do, and everything you see. There isn’t a day that goes by with out some form technology being made. Most of the time it is made for good, and others it is used for bad.