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information that will be provided includes: (1) suspenses, meeting minutes, significant events, and schedules will be updated and will be received by all unit members so that the latest information will be always at the fingertips of supervisors; (2) supervisors do not need an E-mail address to gain access, just access to the LAN; (3) training schedules, courses, and class dates are posted to allow supervisors the freedom to plan training; (4) operation instructions, policy letters, and messages are available for review whenever needed; (5) telephone directory of organization personnel and numbers frequently called within base agencies are a mouse click away; (6) organization photo album holds pictures of squadron personnel, events and promotions, award winners, or newer members

of the unit, and places around the base it will serve as a morale builder; (7) contains hot links to important web pages (per diem, military pay, supply organization, Air Force forms, etc) as well as links to the organizations on its own web site. Please see the layout chart at the end of the page. Improvement Remains in Place Selected working group personnel will meet weekly to discuss changes that would improve our product and will continuously strive for improvement based on organizational needs. Impact on the customer and organization Returning aircrew members can quickly catch up with the latest organization information and react to updated suspenses, schedule changes, and high interest items contained in meeting minutes. The commander and the first sergeant will now have a

forum to address the organization on topics of interest such as pay and supply information at one central location. This will increase the efficiency of preparing travel orders, flight plans, and budget plans. In addition, displaying photos on computer screens (wallpaper) of unit personnel receiving awards, working as a team, or playing as a team will have a positive effect on unit morale. Also, if members want to have any of these pictures for themselves, they can save them to a floppy disk and take them home. Summary To improve our daily operations and simplify procedures, establishing a secure and reliable Intranet over our already existing LAN system is one of the best solutions. To do this, a working group must be formed and will represent their section s need. Once the site

is completely established, all personnel can retrieve the most up-to-date information at any time or any day of the week. All available information is just a click away, and no one can complain that they didn t get the information on time or the files were missing along the way, etc. Since all members have access to a computer, it is their responsibility to follow up any suspense, report, training, or feedback. This procedure will definitely improve our communications, work productivity, and increase the morale in a most efficient way. The technology is here and we should take advantage of it! We could hide our heads in the sand but that won t work .Intranet will.