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planning schedule and rescheduling any necessary training requirements at that time. Maintenance Aircraft Schedule and Briefing Although the maintenance personnel are not necessarily flying as often as the operations section, maintaining an aircraft is one of the most important tasks for our organization. Since it is unlikely the maintainers will follow the manual schedule, an automated aircraft repair or briefing schedule can be updated through Intranet. This method will be much more effective for maintainers since they can check their schedule on a daily basis instead of having to chase down printed copies. By checking the most up-to-date information through the Intranet, each section s personnel can check the other section s schedule. The cause and effect of this procedure

will allow each worker to better coordinate or communicate among the organization. Explain How the Problem will Relate to the Organization s Mission, Key Process, and Customer Requirement Due to our organization s high level of absence due to duty travel requirements, whenever a problem occurs, higher headquarters management focuses on the situation and information becomes critical in making decisive decisions. Providing this information requires several lengthy telephone conversations and sometimes physical contact for inspections. Unlike organizations with normal working hours, our members travel anywhere between 5 to 14 days each month. As soon as one team returns from their travels, the next team is ready to get on the road. Naturally, this type of come-and-go working

environment is one of the causes that the organization has a problem keeping up-to-date records and information. What Criteria is Used in the Decision to Charter the Team? Select three people whom seldom travel or non-travel personnel from each section: operations, maintenance, and the life support section to form a working group for this project. This way, each member can present their needs and the customer s requirements necessary to provide quality service. Since I work on our network system, I will be a team leader for this project. What Would be the Customer s Requirements and How Would They be Determined? Our office personnel section is charged with a tracking suspense system, notifying any late reports or feedback session. Based on customer feedback, high travel duty

rates and a lack of standardized tools for tracking suspenses resulted in these suspenses not being met. The organization needed a means to disseminate information in a timely manner to all personnel with a need to know, regardless of their geographic location. Evaluate and Analyze/Describe Methods to Identify Root Cause Although the office personnel section is charged with maintaining a tracking system, it is each section supervisor or individual s responsibility to meet their suspenses. In addition, our training requirements must be met in order to keep up-to-date records to validate their positions as aircrew members. However, due to the high demand for travel, these issues were not met on time, and we often failed to meet our suspense to higher headquarters. Although we have

written guidelines and regulations, each section tends to do things their own way and communicates among themselves. This causes miscommunication within the three offices and it often affects our mission. How will the Process Improve or Problem Resolve? Based on our findings, customer feedback, and our worker s requirements, a one stop centralized source of information should be developed. The Intranet will set up a WWW site, using hypertext markup language files, and it will be located on the organization s local area network (LAN). Computer reports traditionally printed on paper are distributed on-line by simply printing them to an ASCII file somewhere on the network. The files are then hyper-lined to departmental menus where local employees or managers can view them. Project

assignments are posted within an on-line information system for collaborative viewing by work groups (Evaluating, 1999. P. 2). Thereafter, supervisors, regardless of their work shift or day of the week, will be provided all necessary information in a timely manner. Organization s Intranet Unlike the Internet, Intranet is one of the most reliable sources to retrieve information within the organization without too much concern with the security issue (Find, 1999). To maintain the Intranet, we do not need to make any extra hardware purchases, but we will need to purchase three software packages for each selected work group member s computer. The total cost is $375.00 (Making, 1998). Thereafter, information will be continuously available as long as our LAN is up and running. The