Technology 2 Essay Research Paper AbstractSince we

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Technology 2 Essay, Research Paper Abstract Since we live in the most advanced technological world, organizations world-wide are discovering ways to enhance internal and external communication, using Web technology in a new type of information system called the Intranet. By using this feature, with inexpensive software and minimal manning requirements, our organization can establish a secure and reliable Internet, a one-stop centralized system so that our aircrews can retrieve necessary data when they return from their extensive duty travels. All available information will be just mouse a click away, and no one can deny or complain that the files were missed along the way. To improve communications and work productivity, an organization s Internet is one of the most effective

ways to improve our already existing local area network. Identify Improvement Opportunity A fast paced modern technological world has changed our work environment significantly. Our current generation receives and transmits information about seven years in advance of previous generations. This figure will be increased as we move toward the millennium. One of the most amazing things that happened for almost all organizations was gaining world wide web (WWW) access. Through this web, organizations world-wide are discovering ways to enhance internal and external communication using Web technology in a new type of information system called the Intranet/Inter-network (Recomputing, 1999). Description of Which Process or Problem Area will be Selected or Improved Since our nature of work

requires that over 95 percent of our personnel are deployable aircrew members, at any given time, a minimum of about 30 to 60 percent of the organization s personnel travel about 3 to 6 months a year. In addition, our organization has three offices that are geographically located in different areas. Because of this reason, we often have a lack of communications among personnel, and this effected some of our work productivity in such areas as submitting suspense, feedback notification, training schedules, and mission planning notices. One way to resolve this problem in a timely manner is to establish an Internet with reliable personnel who are readily available to input data. To give you some solid information, the following article is provided: Inter-network communication will

become a common way to conduct business in the future. The Internet will be the main data highway carrying these communications (Strategies, 1999). Communication One of the biggest deficiencies in communication is getting information out to all personnel in a timely manner. By the time the aircrew members are back to the workstation, important meeting notes or other related documents have been misplaced, or crewmembers do not bother to review them, especially when things have piled up. Suspense list Because of high demanding travel, performance feedback, reports, and other suspenses have not been met. Also, a lack of timely information on high interest problems has resulted in ineffective, misdirected, or overcautious decisions that wasted resources, manpower, and time. Training

and Scheduling Appointment The three sections of operations, life support, and maintenance must meet their training requirements in order to keep their validation to fly or to continue to function as a life support aide. As you know, we have three types of training requirements: quarterly, bi-annual, and annual. Although we have a very effective manual tracking system for this particular subject, too often, our members have failed to keep up their training requirements due to last minute mission changes. These members will be rescheduled eventually, however, the cause and effect is that we often had to spend over budget travel costs. One way to prevent this type of complication and to save money is to have the worker update the data everyday by simply reviewing the mission