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scientists know thus far is that when on the drug, the seratonin level in the brain is at a dangerously high level and that some actions and symptoms are strikingly similar to those of people diagnosed with Parkinson?s disease. While in techno clubs and on ecstasy, a very large number of people have overdosed due to the fact that the music and lights have heightened their high to an unbearable point; the point where their body just shuts down. The fact that techno clubs are exposing many people to unnecessary health hazards has definitely not gone unnoticed to the government and local agencies. The ?Anti-Rave Act? is an excellent example of local officials recognizing the problem at hand and taking action to slowly kill this rash of late night parties. This is undoubtedly a step

in the right direction. There are also similar actions being taken in my hometown of Miami. For example, in South Beach alone, 5 clubs have already been closed down due to late-night parties and the large amounts of personal injuries and drug overdoses that they entail. Techno clubs are sometimes seen as an outlet for young adults to mingle and hang out with people who have their same interests. From that perspective, techno clubs sound like a great place to be. But once the overcrowding, sleep deprivation, and drug abuse come into play, these clubs are no more than a way to test one?s physical ability to act and dwell in a very potentially harmful environment.