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Tech Ethics Essay, Research Paper Technology Ethics Unless otherwise specified, the following regulation shall apply equally to students, employees, volunteers, and contractors employed by the District. Some employees, volunteers, and contractors may have additional obligations owing to the nature of their position and/or access privileges. Vancouver Public School District’s Network (VanNet) is a combination of local and wide area networks, linking computers in all district facilities together and providing access to public networks. A prerequisite for the use of VanNet is an authorization form completed by each person requested access to VanNet. Any use without authorization is prohibited. VanNet and the messages transmitted and documents created on it are property of the

District. The District will supervise the use of such property. Ethical Use Requirements: The following are the VanNet Ethical Use requirements. A copy of the requirement will be distributed to each user of VanNet. A. Network:1. The purpose of Vancouver Public School District’s Network (VanNet) is to promote the exchange of information to further education and research and is consistent with the mission of Vancouver School District. Any use of VanNet that accesses outside resources must conform to Policy 4396 and Regulation 4396 and that outside resource’s “Acceptable Use Policy.” Subscriptions to Listservs, bulletin boards, and on-line services must be pre-approved by the District. 2. The following items are prohibited:a. Any use of VanNet for illegal activity.b. Use of

VanNet to access obscene or pornographic material.c. Sending material likely to be offensive or objectionable to recipient.d. Using programs that harass VanNet users or infiltrate any computing system and/or damaged the software components.e. VanNet shall not be used for private or commercial offerings of products or services for sale or to solicit products or services. B. Security — The following security provisions are required:3. Users will respect the rights, property, and confidentiality of others and will not improperly access, misappropriate or misuse the files, data or information of others.4. Users may not share their account with anyone or leave the account open or unattended.5. Users will keep all accounts and passwords confidential and not accessible to others.6.

Users will change passwords regularly. Using combinations of at least 8 letters and numbers and not using standard English words and names.7. Users are responsible for making back-up copies of documents critical to them. C. Software — The following precautions are required:8. Users are responsible to take precautions to prevent viruses on their own hardware and software and Vancouver Public School’s hardware and software.9. Users shall register software with their building’s system manager.10. The illegal installation of copyrighted software or files for use on district computers is prohibited. D. E-Mail:11. E-mail is provided for the purpose of exchanging information consistent with the mission of Vancouver Public Schools. The following uses are prohibited:a. VanNet’s

E-mail shall not be used for private or commercial offerings of products or services for sale or to solicit products or services.b. E-mail shall not be used for political or religious purposes.c. E-mail messages are subject to District review and deletion at any time with or without notice.d. E-mail shall not be used to broadcast messages outside a school site without prior district approval.12. Mail should be deleted regularly from an E-mail directory to conserve file space. Violation of any of the conditions of use described in this regulation may be cause for disciplinary action. Interpretation, application and modification of this Ethical Use regulation is within the sole discretion of Vancouver Public School District. Any questions or issues regarding this policy should be