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herself that she had led Tom into the life that he couldn’t afford. She tried to convince him that he shouldn’t drudge her the pleasure of coming to his rescue, when he was at a loose end. Using all her arts of persuasion, she was able to convince Tom to borrow money from her. 4. Julia and Michael were rich enough to send their son to Eton and then to Cambridge. Roger was seventeen years old. He didn’t look like his mother or father. He had no inclination for the world of the theatre. He held himself in some serious way aloof from his parents and their friends, though he was always very polite to everybody, Julia suspected, that he took none of them seriously. He never bothered Julia and he seemed quite capable of amusing himself. Though Julia loved him very much, he

puzzled her. She thought him dull and not very intelligent. When she was alone with him, time dragged on. When Roger was a child, Julia would often be photographed with him and these photos made a great hit. She wished he could always remain the sweet pretty little boy he used to be. Portion VI. 1. It was no good deceiving herself : Tom didn’t love her. He was her lover only because it flattered his vanity and gave him confidence in himself. Besides, he got acquainted with many distinguished persons through her. It turned his head to realize that he was on familiar terms with some of them. Julia tried to do her best to bind him. She encouraged him to be extravagant to make him realize that he couldn’t do without her. Tom was anxious to join a good club and she was preparing

the ground. She understood perfectly that their affair couldn’t last, but she wasn’t able to give up Tom. 2. Julia wasn’t happy at all to find out that Tom was becoming more and more popular with her grand friends. They were glad to make the most of his financial knowledge and in their turn they told their friends about him. It was through Julia, that Tom used to be asked to parties before. Then he began to receive invitations from people, whom Julia didn’t know. It seemed that he could do without her. He was busy nearly all the time. His casualness hurt Julia. Now she was ready to cut any date to see him. Julia was jealous of those distinguished ladies, whom he met in society. She had a law opinion of their virtue and was sure that they could do everything. Those

thoughts rankled her. The only comfort was that all of them were very greedy and without Julia’s money Tom wouldn’t be able to lead a life, he had got used to. Or he would have to break himself of the habit of throwing his money about. 3. Julia was shocked to find out that people had been gossiping about her. Her reputation had been so good for many years, that she thought she could afford to do every thing she wanted. It was Michael, who first noticed that. He accused Tom jokingly of compromising Julia. At first Julia was taken aback, but at last she could keep her presence of mind. She was sure, that Michael wasn’t jealous of Tom. He was too self-satisfied and self-confident for that. He thought he knew Julia inside and out, but in fact, he knew nothing about her. He paid

no attention to the gossip and he didn’t mind Julia having some fun. But Julia couldn’t forget his remark, it gave her no rest. She racked her brains to understand who could have told it to him. Then suddenly it occurred to her, that it was Dolly, no doubt. 4. Julia was furious with Dolly. She wouldn’t stand interference with her private life. That was none of her business. Julia was determined to have the matter out with Dolly. She rang her up to make an appointment. Dolly’s voice sounded cold and hostile. Julia had always been able to turn Dolly round her finger, but now she could hardly convince Dolly to come. When they met, they talked about indifferent things, and then Julia got down to the point. She never took her eyes off Dolly’s face while talking. She failed

to convince Dolly that Tom wasn’t her lover. But Dolly pretended that she believed her and said Julia had taken a great weight off her mind. Portion VII. 1. Julia had already heard the name of Avice Crichton mentioned a few times. She knew, that there was some talk that this small-part actress would perhaps get a part in a play they were going to put on. So, when Michael once mentioned her, Julia wasn’t taken aback. Michael said that Tom had put in a word for Avice. Michael thought it was worth while to go and have a look at her, but as he was busy on Sunday, he asked Julia to go. Yielding to curiosity, Julia agreed. Tom was to go with her. But long before Julia had seen her, she made up her mind that Avice would never get a part in their theatre. 2. Julia was relieved to see