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to end up in prison when they get older and baby girls born to single teen mothers are more likely to become pregnant themselves as a teen.(2) In becoming a teen parent, you are faced with many more responsibilities then any one person that age could imagine. Your choices are abortion, adoption, single parenthood and in some cases marriage. These decisions begin roaming your mind from the day the test appears positive. Then the actuality of this problem begin to set in and you start to cry daily almost every hour the tears begin to fall. You?re confused. Questions fill your mind, who do you ask. You tell your best friend, she has no advice for you. So, whom do you turn to now? Your parents? No, they don?t even think you know what sex is. Your teachers? No, they might tell your

parents. So who? You are in the dark. You tell your boyfriend. He is as much in the dark as you are. He tells you he will be there and that he loves you. As time goes on he eventually slips away like you never even existed. As you are pondering this huge decision alone days and weeks are passing and your body is changing and your parents are going to begin to notice that you are different. You are trying to hide the morning sickness, the weight gain the swelling in your hands and feet. Your friend decides that she is going to tell your sibling for your own good. Your sibling gives you a choice to tell your parents yourself or they will do it for you. Now your faced with the hard choice of how you tell this dreadful circumstance to your parents. All in al the decision for abortion

is long gone, you have gone to far into your pregnancy, your decision to become a mommy is the way to go. Up until the day is baby is born the attention was all on you. This is what you we wanting in the first place. You start to get excited. The big day is finally here and your baby is born. From this day forward your life is no longer yours it is your babies. You will forever be up for hours every night with a crying baby, feeding changing and caring for this infant. Your friends have disappeared, your alone, again. You have no money to buy what you want, every penny you have will go toward food, formula, diapers, ECT. This is your life as a teen parent. A true example of what a teen mother has to go through, some of the thought that ran through her mind. The consequences she

had to face all because of a sexual experience that she was not prepared to engage in. By beginning with education within the home at early ages, teens will understand what sex is and when sex should happen. If they are able to continue this education within the school system they will have a better chance of knowing where to obtain the protection if they need it, or better yet learning that it is ok for them to say no to sex until they are ready. Lets protect our children from growing up to fast, show them that as parents and teachers they can talk to us openly about their sexual feelings. We can do this by educating them early and thoroughly about the outcome of early sexual experience, and teen parenting. 347