Teaching sentence structure

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Introduction The goal work is dedicated to the English grammar I hope my work will the process of teaching and learning grammar fun and exciting for students, also want to make teaching grammar as easy as possible by providing you with all tools heeded to give students a rich and enjoyable experience. Grammar becomes exciting and dynamic when you bring the real world into your classroom and bring your class out into the world. The aim of investigation. 1) To acquire a terminology for discussing sentence correctness and effectiveness 2) To look for subjects and verbs when puzzling out the meaning of difficult sentences. 3) To understand how structure clues help identify parts of speech 4) To recognize participles, gerunds, and infinitives and use them to improve sentences To

study the structure of the simple sentence, to make the process of learning grammar understandable. One of the main tasks of qualification work is the saving private tasks of grammar, to show: SV Patterns 1 Subject Verb SVN Pattern 2 Subject Verb Predicate Nominative SVA Pattern 3 Subject Verb Predicate adjective SVO Pattern 4 Subject Verb Object SVIO Pattern 5 Subject Verb Indirect object Direct object SVOC Pattern 6 Subject Verb Direct object complement The actually of the work. It is no doubt that student grow toward maturity and independence of thought, as they progress trough the grades. Explains that, inspire of the great interest to a learning grammar, to the problem sentences structure, there are some difficulties in learning it. There is a great number of some foreign

linguists. In my work I tried to choose the best works of some foreign linguists as Henry I Christ, Francis B. Connors and other grammarians The novelty of the work. Introduce some of the newest and most challenging concepts of modern grammar. It utilizes new terminology and shows how teachers may begin working new definitions new explanations, and new approaches into the regular language study. Yet the work is arranged so that we can concentrate upon traditional elements. The theoretical signifies of the work is concluded in comparison with the nature languages Russian and Uzbek, the correlation between the principle parts of the sentences which based on practical application. 1. Practical significance The practical works are given in the work and tests, what can be used in

learning the structure of the sentences on the course of theoretical grammar and at the practical classes of learning English. The main recourse from where I have taken the material of my qualification work are works done by Henry I Christ Modern English in Action work done by Francis B Connors «New voyages in English» Material from Internet and world encyclopedia. 1.1 The structure of the Simple Sentence «Every sentence has a subject and a predicament». Although you may not be like the school boy who wrote the preceding explanation, you will probably welcome a review of grammar. Knowing the names of eight parts of speech and about two dozen other terms will give you tools for improving your writing and speaking. This chapter will also provide a refresher course on

fundamentals of sentence structure. DIAGNOSTIC TEST 1.A Parts of the Simple Sentence. Copy the italicized words in a column and number them 1 to25. Then, using the abbreviations given below, indicate the use in the sentence of each word. Write the abbreviations in a column to the right of the words. s.s.-simple subject d.o.-direct object v.-verb i.o.-indirect speech p.a.-predicate adjective o.p.-object of preposition p.n.-predicate noun ap.-appositive p.pr.-predicate pronoun a.n.-adverbial noun 1. The Pharos of Alexandria, a tall lighthouse, was a wonder of the ancient world. 2. The next day the new neighbors brought us a dinner of spaghetti and delicious sauce. 3. The son of Mr. Oliver, the corner grocer, gave me a piece of apple pie with raisins in it. 4. In the morning the