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Teaching Methods Essay, Research Paper When comparing and contrasting the hands on method to the lecture method many people prefer the hands on method. This allows the students to further understand what the teachers are trying to teach. By using this method a majority of the students will learn more, and learn at a quicker pace. There are many good qualities in using a hands on method for learning. One reason is that way the students get to know each other better. They learn ways to get along and work well together. By having students work out the problem, they are more apt to remember it in the future. Looking at it from a teacher?s standpoint, by having all the kids work in front of class, it is possible to make sure the students are doing their own work. This also can

help show how far along the student is, and how much of the reason they?ve learned. The most important thing about hands on work is it?s fun. When students are having fun, they will learn more. This could even create better behavior from the students. There are also a few bad qualities about using ?hands on?. First off, if the students are working in a group it could get out of hand. They might start talking, disobeying rules, and stop working on their assignment. If this happens it keeps everyone in the class from learning. Even those who want to do the work can?t just because of all the distractions. Another bad thing is sometimes items may be wrecked or stolen if the activity involves traveling somewhere else. In many ways lecturing has it?s advantages. When lecturing a

teacher is able to express more to the class then by taking time for a hands on example. More can be covered in a littler amount of time if all the teacher does is talk. Lecturing forces students to take notes. Therefore, they have material to go back over in case a test comes up. Also by lecturing the classroom is kept under order. More times the students stay quite and listen rather then talking to others. Many times there can be bad points to lecturing. One thing is that it?s usually boring. Everyone would agree that it?s no fun to sit and listen to someone talk while all you do is take notes. This is the reason for many people falling asleep in class. Sometimes it becomes hard to continue listening to someone for a long period of time. Another bad quality about lecturing is

that it separates which teachers students dislike and which ones they like. If all the teacher does is lecture many students will get bored and not enjoy the class. If a teacher lets students use hands on work to learn they will become a teacher the students like and want to have for class. In all truth lecturing and hands on methods are what a student judges the school and teachers on. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both, but overall many students would prefer hands on. It makes the class more enjoyable and the day go by quicker.