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Teaching Kids Essay, Research Paper Teaching Kids The issue of morals and values being taught to our children is one of the most pressing problems in our society today. The responsibility of raising children with a strong moral base has been lost in the chaos of the modern world. With an increase in single parenting and more homes where both parents are employed full-time, the role of parents in their children’s lives has drastically changed. Many parents are no longer involved in raising their children, which leaves the responsibility of providing children with a proper moral background neglected. Today, there are children being raised in day care centers and elementary schools which most often do not meet the need for supplying kids with moral character. The most obvious

and effective solution to this problem is for parents to reclaim this responsibility and become the primary educators and mentors in their children’s lives. If parents make time to teach their children right from wrong, then there is no better way to raise a child with a strong set of values. The most effective way of teaching kids about values and morals is by example. Children will simply learn by observing and following their parents. This means that when parents participate in volunteer programs and donate time and money to charity, then they are teaching their children the importance of serving those in need. When parents respect their children’s privacy and opinions, children develop a mutual respect for their parents and for others. Parents that take their children to

church and help them with their homework will have children that understand the significance of spirituality and education. Children learn better from their parents than anyone else; parenting needs to be the first priority over any other concern. Parents need to take the time to regulate what their children watch on television, become involved in their education, help them in time of need, and encourage them when they do well. This also involves reestablishing the importance of family as the most integral part in the lives of children and parents alike which requires a tremendous time commitment and a dedication to the family as first and foremost. By making it a point to attend their children’s baseball games, band concerts, school plays, or just spending time with their

family, parents are teaching the importance of family life to their children. There is no question that children with dedicated and loving parents, who do all of these things are much more likely to experience happiness, contribute to society, and avoid distress. But this solution demands that every parent both answers this call and can successfully accomplish these tasks. The likelihood of this idea actually taking place is doubtful at best. Most parents have neither the time nor the resources to raise their children in preparation for the real world. So when parents aren’t there to stop their children from watching excessive violence on television or to point out the evils and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, this is when problems arise. If parents haven’t explained

the issues of race and religion in society, how are children supposed to react when they encounter people who are different from themselves? Our society cannot afford to be raising children that are bigots, drug-users, alcohol abusers, and gang members. If parents have failed to convey the importance of values to their children, such as serving in the best interest of others, then our future businessmen, doctors, and politicians will lack this fundamental moral concept. This means that these tasks must be shared or passed on when parents fail to fulfill their responsibility; there must be some alternative to pick up where parents have left off. The most apparent alternative is the setting where children spend a majority of their time at a young age: day care centers and school