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Teachers Essay, Research Paper Teachers Throughout my Life Teachers are sensational, I once would have said, when they totally love their jobs, and strive to help students expand their knowledge in a specific area. I once would have said that teachers are all alike, but now I believe that is a narrow point of view. The teachers I have had and the teachers whom I have encountered guide people differently, serve many different needs, and share knowledge to enhance the student?s understanding of ideas. Consider these varieties of teachers: 1. Convenience teachers. These are the teachers with whom, if we did not have a problem to a solution, then our paths would have never been crossed. These teachers are the ones that know how to deal with specific complications. Having gone

through the same experiences or knowing a good deal about the subject, these teachers give advice on how to go about solving a problem so that the same mistake will not be made again. For example, when we are mentally stressed, psychologists are consulted to help solve the problem. Also, when students are having trouble with a particular area of study, they request a tutor for help. These teachers are good listeners, but rarely know the entire circumstances as well as the emotions that the student is experiencing at the time of the problem. These students do not give them an explanation to every little detail of their lives, but rather the little information that is necessary to figure out the problem. 2. Special-interest teachers. These teachers give facts to the student in

order to show them how to learn the special areas that the student is interested in. For instance, Spanish teachers allow a student to comprehend the Spanish language, enabling the student to convert from English to Spanish. The student has a desire to learn this language; therefore, these teachers can make this possible by teaching them the right techniques. The connection between the teacher and the student is primarily on this particular interest. There is no intimacy involved between them. The teacher simply loves teaching Spanish, and the student wants a better understanding of the language. 3. Impressionable teachers. We all have had a teacher who has made a major impression on our lives. As we went through the different levels of grade school, we cannot forget about Mrs.

Neil, our third grade English teacher, who helped our lives in so many ways. She was the one that helped to relax the tensions that we felt when our parents were divorced and the bullies that were making fun of us at recess. We always remembered her even though our paths have taken separate roads. However, when we needed advice we would consult Mrs. Neil because she always knew the answers. 4. Amazing teachers. These are the teachers who not only helped out in the area that we were learning, but went further and became our friends. We could tell these teachers the little gossip that went around the playground and whom we liked, knowing that they would never tell a single person our true identity. We could share our emotions with these teachers, whether it was our laughs, cries,

or even tears. These teachers have been through everything with us. If we could not tell our parents about something, these teachers were the first to know and quick to give advice back to us. These amazing teachers ultimately became our true friends. All teachers are important in our lives to help solve problems and better our understanding of a specific area of study. The ones that take their teaching to the full measure become our best teachers, our friends. The best of teachers, I still believe, are those whom interact with the student. Amazing teachers have an idea of what is going on in the student?s life. They can relate their teaching ideas with the occurrences in the student?s daily life to help the student understand the information better.