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Symphony entitled Symphonie Pathetique, the Pathetic Symphony, in B minor. This symphony was a funeral dirge. He was saying goodbye to a dead friendship as well as, in essence, writing his own requiem for it was widely felt that he intended to commit suicide. The symphony premiered while he was still alive and his hundreds of worshipers wondered what the real thoughts of so sad a person were. ABut two weeks later when the Symphony Pathetique was performed in all its glory those who listened bowed their heads and wept for then they knew.@17 Five days after the premier Tchaikovsky drank a glass of unboiled water during a time when another cholera epidemic was raging through Russia. He contracted the disease and died shortly thereafter. His carelessness combined with the fact that

his mother died of the same disease leads one to believe that he committed suicide. Igor Stravinsky said, A[Tchaikovsky=s] works represent the essence of the Russian land and its people.@18 Tchaikovsky=s life was a mixture of fantasy and reality. His reality was full of depression and despair so he used a fantasy life, which he engaged in his music, to have happiness, contentment, and enjoyment. AHis music translates him into an entirely different world – a world in which he can forget himself and become an impersonal instrument in the hands of a higher power.@19 Tchaikovsky was truly Russia=s greatest composer. He brought national attention to Russia=s musical society and he was the first Russian composer to tour the United States. The impact he had on western culture was

indescribable but can be best expressed in a quote from Herman Laroche who said, AYou are the greatest musical talent of contemporary Russia . . . in ou see the greatest, or rather, the only hope of our musical future.@ Bibliography Abraham, Gerald. The Music of Tchaikovsky. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 1946. Bloom, Eric, ed. ATchaikovsky.@ Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians. New York: St. Martin=s Press, 1968. Brook, Donald. ATchaikovsky.@ Six Great Russian Composers. London: Salisbury Square, 1946. Cross, Milton and David Ewen. ATchaikovsky.@ Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music. New York: Doubleday, 1962. Kaufmann, Helen L. ATchaikovsky.@ The Story of 100 Great Composers. New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 1960. Shonberg, Harold C. ATchaikovsky.@ Lives of

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