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down and stops working. These enzymes are especially needed in the early stages of life, when the brain is first developing. There is no cure for TSD as of yet, but research on the disease and possible cures has been done throughout the world. TSD most often appears in families with no prior history of the disease. The TSD gene can be carried without being resolute through many generations. Today, safe and reliable carrier testing is available to identify Tay-Sachs carriers. Testing can identify carrier couples who are at risk for bearing a child with TSD,before a TSD positive child is born. With this information, couples can look into the various options that will let them protect their families from this disease.A blood test can distinguish Tay-Sachs carriers from non-carriers.

Blood samples can be analyzed by either an enzyme test or DNA studies. The enzyme test is a biochemical test that measures the level of Hex-A in a person’s blood. Carriers have less Hex-A in their body fluid and cells than non-carriers, but babies with Tay-Sachs disease have a complete absence of Hex-A in their cells. The biochemical test is able to detect all Tay-Sachs carriers of all ethnic backgrounds. Although there is no cure for TSD, there are several revention methods for the disease, which gives hope to those who are carrier, but would like to bring a family into the world. Hopefully, further study and research of Tay-Sachs will lead to a cure one day, and TSD will no longer be a deadly factor for infants, and bring hope to their parents.