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Taxi Men Story Essay, Research Paper The main character in the story is the taxi cab driver, he was a born Singaporean who s been residing there since birth and been a taxi cab driver for almost twenty year, he s one of your usual taxi cab driver that has many things to discuss. In the story he spoke things about Singapore from his time to present time, he said Singapore used to be simple and peaceful, not much crowded with cars and buses and many changes took place, but the main element that rises in the story is about prostitution which focuses on teenage prostitution, he has seen teenage girl doing this, he has become an instrument for the prostitutes to bring them to the place where they sell their body. From time to time he learned how teenage girls fool their parents,

telling lie to their parents using school activities as alibi, after school they go to cheap motels and change their clothes, then going to mall and coffee shop where they meet Europeans and foreigners, not knowing that in the end her daughter was one of them, and he has been a victim of prostitution, her daughter Lay Choo was a secondary character in the story, in the she was the daughter of the taximen, as described, she was the youngest in the story, and his favorite among his eight children because she was able to study in a University and a scholar, she was one of the school girls that turned to be a prostitute which made an irony in the story that leads to a conflict and commotion, that Lay Choo was beaten up by his father the taximen and was only allowed to go out with her

mother. In the story, it is the taxi men who is dominates the story, he is the main character and the one who narrates his story, his story is all about teenage prostitutes which later in the story, he learned that her daughter Lay Choo was one of them, at first he was very pleased on what he is earning, he prefer prostitutes as him customer because they are elegant and they don t ask for a change, he often wait at some hotels and bowling alley because that the place where they meet, foreigner pay good money for their fair, even foreigners, he charged them double in wee hours of the night, they are very elegant in paying their fair not like an ordinary customer who s even bargaining for the fare cost, the taximen is a culture oriented person, he carries with him the way he was

breed by her parents, in the story he compares the generation he has been to the current generations of teenagers, he described the teenagers now a days as very trouble persons specially school boys and school girls, they seem to out grow them self, they spend money, smoking, wearing latest fashion and doing things that old people do, these are the taxman s reaction to the current generation, he does not tell that it s a social problem in Singapore, and not his problem either, but he is very aware of the things that are happening and things that school boys and school girls do, he is nearly confused of the things that happens around him while he drive the cab, he saw school girls walking hand by hand with foreigners, learned that school girls bring clothes in their school bags so

that they could change their uniforms after school, they fool their parents telling that they have extra things to do at school which make their parents believe and permit them to go, he s confused of the fact that this things are happening, and he has no idea about it, he cannot be angry to a prostitutes or foreigner because they give him a living, he is more passive about the situation, he knows something is going on and he just let him sees it. In the story, the taxi man is very pleased of what he is earning despite that he does not like what he sees and think of teen age boy s and girl s, he just know what s going on but never did he change a thing about it, until one day which made him confused and gave him a very big problem, when one day while he is driving, he saw a girl