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wife, she is having an affair and describes in detail that he is going to kill her with a forty-forty magnum, which arouses Bickle s interest in guns. The next day one of Bickle s co-workers introduces him to an illegal gun salesman. Bickle ends up buying 4 guns and then begins showing signs of obsession. He constantly holds them and looks in the mirror while practicing his draw and even builds a mechanical holster that projects the gun to his fingertips, from his sleeve at the flick of a wrist. A couple of days later during his shift he almost hits the prostitute named Iris, played by Jodie Foster, that was plucked from his cab followed by the $20 tip to forget about it. A few nights later he is in a liquor store and ends up killing a thief that is attempting to rob the liquor

store. The very thankful clerk took the gun from Travis and told him to get out of there and that he would take care of it. After his shift he spots the girl from the night before, and pays to get her alone. When they got up to the room he tries to get her to remember the incident. She says she was stoned and doesn t want to leave her situation. She is appreciative and agrees to have breakfast with him. The next morning Bickle continues to try to get the girl to go back home to her parents and even offers her money to go. In an attempt to find his identity and clean up the world Travis Bickle makes an assassination attempt on Palantine which fails when the secret service sees him reach into his coat for a gun. So instead, on his shift that might he shoots Iris s pimp, the hotel

manager that Iris works at and Iris s current client and in the process gets shot twice. He then put the gun to his own head but there were no bullets left. At the end he is identified by the media as a hero and in a sense finds his identity. In the final scene, he picks up a fare and it is the woman from his crush as she takes interest he becomes disinterested. When she gets out she sees that he is not interested and he tells her not to worry about the fare as he drives off. If I had to diagnose the character played by Robert De Niro, I would definitely say that he has borderline personality disorder although he does have symptoms of a couple of other disorders described in chapter ten. I would say that he has borderline personality disorder because he fits the four core

elements described by Morey in the textbook.