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have enormous waste. The people who support the tax base need to be informed about where their tax dollars are going. Taxes 12 As the laws that control the availability of government documents loosen, reporters will continue to inform the public of government corruption and waste. We can only hope that one-day, government spending will be reversed with the idea that government officials will be directly responsible for the waste in their departments. Until then, we can only pay our taxes, and pay attention to where our tax dollars go. References Taxes 13 A decade of decline. (1993). Managing the federal government. 1-20. Dearborn, P. M. (1993, Summer). Local property taxes: Emerging trends. Internal governmental perspective 10-12 Taylor, A. (1996, May 25). Dole’s call for gas

tax repeal fails to spark voters Congressional quarterly report: Economics and finance. 1212 –1378. The economics of taxation. (1995, November 2). The economics of taxation. Suanders, L. (1995, June 19). Avoiding the rack Forbes, 13, 208.