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Taxes Essay, Research Paper Running head: Taxes Taxes: Who benefits and who gets ripped off Taxes 2 Abstract Taxes are the dollars that we pay to government to supply the services that are not or can not be provided through the free enterprise system. Taxes have been around since the beginning of organized societies. They come in various forms. Most common are income taxes both federal and local government. These taxes are assessed on the amount of income a person earns. Other taxes come in the form of user taxes; these taxes are imposed on the people that are using the goods being taxed, such as gas tax, alcohol tax, sales tax, and luxury taxes. Property taxes make up the major revenues for local and city governments. Furthering the burden of taxation are taxes that are

attached to such bills as utility bills and rental expenses. Taxes 3 Introduction Taxes; who benefits and who gets ripped off focuses mostly on Federal and county taxes and not on state taxes. This report aims to give the reader some insight on taxes: Why we have them, what types of benefits they supply, who benefits from them, and who gets screwed by them. It informs the reader of the different types of taxation, where the money comes from and where it goes. How can people avoid some tax increases? But most of all, this report informs the reader that there is an incredible amount of money being wasted by the federal government through overspending and irresponsible behavior of government departments. This overspending has created a deficit that has caused billions of dollars in

damage to the credit of the country. As a result of these excess taxes, the American taxpayer is getting ripped off by paying for waste in government. Most people in this country are being ripped off in the amount of taxes they pay due to corruption government and the flagrant overspending and waste of government departments. This over spending and waste is the cause of high tax rates Why we have taxes Ever since the beginning of organized societies, governments have been formed to rule over and to protect the interests of these societies. In order for these governments to function there was a need for revenue to meet the expenses incurred by these governments. This need for revenue was met by levying taxes on individuals and businesses. It has always been a question to the

population being taxed as to whether or not the government was doing a good job in assessing and managing the money it collected from taxes. Taxes 4 The purpose of this report is to determine if the government is acting fairly in its taxation of the American population, and to point out the waste in government spending. In an article published November 1995, an unknown author explained the need for government “revenue” by defending what the revenue supplies for the people. In America we live within a free enterprise society. A free enterprise system is based on the idea of competition is good and that only the most efficient businesses will survive. The free enterprise system works with the idea that the consumer is somewhat knowledgeable about the products they buy. However,

in today’s modern world the consumer cannot be always be expected to make an informed decision about something. This is where federal laws are put in place to protect the interest of the public. Examples of such laws are regulations covering quality and safety of home construction, cars, and electrical appliances. The economics of taxation, (p. 2) Such societies do not supply all the needs and services that are required. Good examples of these types of services are national defense, and local and state government. Other examples of services the government supplies are managing our natural resources, including water supplies, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. Revenues pay for social programs such as social security, welfare, medicare, and other government funded