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women from enlisted soldiers, clearly abusing their authority. These officers were put on report and their chain of command was notified. Needless to say their superiors were not to happy about them using alcohol and being mixed up with enlisted soldiers and prostitutes. After that other than a few picked pockets everything was fine. My trip to Guatemala was a very touching experience. Seeing poverty that was worse than I had ever seen before was upsetting. The Guatemalan people treated us with great respect. The people of Guatemala are a very noble group. American’s worry about material things all the time and all these people want is to be able to eat and celebrate their culture. Our mission of force protection was a success as far as the leadership is concerned. I think it

is a failure though, we left four American GI’s behind because some corporation paid some congressman so they could get outstanding virtually free labor. I would love to see congress explain this to the family’s of the lost soldiers.