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available in wood, plastic, aluminum alloys and carbon-graphites. The points of the arrow have evolved from the famous flint arrowheads of the Indians to the modern screw-on replaceable heads used today. There are other popular games in archery such as the Clout, where arrows are lobbed long distances (150 yards and more) at a single target. The Wand shoot is where a thin vertical stick of wood or reed serves as a target, which is a carryover from ancient times. Both the National Archery Association (NAA) and Field Archery Association (FAA) shoot similar games. The first, however, is more closely concerned with excellence on the target line and is the sponsoring organization for Olympic Shooting in the United States. National Field Archery Association deals with the hunting

scene, with targets simulating actual field shooting situations. The NAA, in addition to its role as Olympic governing body, also implements a youth archery-training program, Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), which exposes thousands to the sport. Internationally, Federation Internationale de Tir A L’arc (FITA) sets the rules for target archery for member nations, including the United States; The World Archery Center teaches various levels of learners and instructors from many nations. Bibliography sources: 323