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that explains the advantages of TapNet to its potential customers. 1.3 The Need for Additional Capital Currently TapNet has been funded by the resources from it Board of Director’s. In order to truly develop a leading application site for the trade association, TapNet will require a tremendous infusion of additional operating capital. This capital will allow the development of new software technology, and provide the extensive promotional campaign that will be needed to accompany the site. Although the site could continue to be funded by the directors, there is tremendous opportunity for risk and profit sharing. Both the financial markets, as well as the American economy recognize the value of being able to build and service an “eCommunity” based on industry focus.

Therefore, TapNet proposes to reform itself into a publicly held corporation, and reach out to these financial markets for capital required to become the leading online Resource for the Trade Association. 2. The Industry and TapNet’s Product(s) and Service(s) 2.1 The Trade Association Industry Trade associations are organizations of businesspeople engaged in furthering or protecting their mutual interests. Associations include professional, business, technical, and civic societies. Trade associations are believed to have existed in ancient Egypt and China. In Europe they came to prominence during the Renaissance when Venetian and other traders formed organizations for solving mutual political and financial problems. Present-day associations are derived chiefly from the merchant

guilds of 16th-century England. The oldest extant association in the U.S. is the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, which was established by 20 merchants in 1768. Almost as old is the New York Stock Exchange, which was formed in 1792. Early American trade associations were local or regional in extent, with national associations emerging only after the American Civil War. By 1890 they had been formed in most well established industries, and by 1900 they had spread throughout the industrial community. In more recent years there has been a rapid growth of trade associations of employers in the U.S. formed to deal with mutual problems. A trade association may serve commercial, industrial, or protective functions. Among its main activities are the surveillance of important

trade influences, such as legislation, transportation rates, tariffs, laws affecting labor, and the quality, method of sale, or inspection of goods. Associations may also seek to keep their members informed of new processes or inventions and of market conditions. Other functions include insurance arrangements, encouragement of trade schools, and establishment of selling agencies. Trade associations also maintain bureaus of employment. There are a large number of trade associations in the U.S. Of these, approximately 2000 have an online presence which runs the gamut between simple information based web pages to full service association web sites. 2.2 TapNet Company and the Concept Vortals, vertical portals and online hubs, as they’re known, are a focus of the Internet. Some

estimates predict the number of these sites will reach 25,000 by 2,001. Others estimate the business-to-business segment of the Internet to reach $1.3 trillion by 2003. These business-to-business web sites are creating online communities focused on individual industries or professions. The effectiveness of these sites and usefulness demands that eventually each industry will end up with one predominant portal. TapNet seeks to help professional trade associations create these portals. The convenience, speed and timeliness of the Internet is going to make it the pre-imminent vehicle for networking, news and information, commerce, and association meetings. 2.2.1 Networking The Internet provides the means for the ultimate networking – reaching everyone, anytime, anywhere. Members

can communicate instantly to seek help, ask the question, or just chat. Staying informed on issues, problems, or matters they might not have even been aware of. Enabling networking applications include:  Email & List Serve functionality  Bulletin Boards and Live Chat  Member Profiles  Product Listings  Lead Generation 2.2.2 News & Information An association portal provides a centralized location where members can receive the most recent news and information. News and information applications include:  Help Wanted and Classifieds  Links to related web sites  On-line Calendar  New Products  Press Releases  Industry Events  Industry Profiles 2.2.3 Ecommerce An eCommerce enabled portal allows association members to sell their products and