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enhancements:  Member profiles – with pictures, reply forms, email and web links – searchable by name, location, product or key word. Offer expanded access to on-line registrations.  Product listings – allow members to include images and free form text descriptions of their services or products.  Banner Advertising – an additional way that members can attract attention to both their on-line displays.  Sponsorships – of specific areas of the Internet community allowing members to tighten user identification between them and a product or service.  Lead generation – with statistics on impressions and ‘click throughs’ – offer your members access to the database of Internet Community registrants. 3.2.2 Be your industry’s portal Capitalize on your

assets: name recognition, membership and your established lines of communication to create the essential presence on the web. These assets are the means and tools that insure that your web site will become the portal. One that all others will want to participate in – and benefit from. 3.2.3 Provide e-commerce sites Offer your members complete e-commerce enabled storefronts. For the member your Internet community can take the prospect from your site directly to their on-line storefront to close the deal. This can be another value-added member benefit – and an additional revenue source for your organization. 3.2.4 Create an Internet Community Complete an on-line Internet Community presence with:  Virtual Exhibit Hall  New Products  Classified Ads  Community

Discussion Forum  Live Chat  Current Features  Industry Profiles  Industry Events  Featured Articles  What’s New  Member information and registration  Program descriptions,  Exhibit Hall registration 3.3 Competition There are approximately 240 ISPs operating in the U.S. Of these, approximately 10% offer broadband capabilities and less than 5% offer the type of community and business building applications we provide. There are currently no broadband ISP dedicated to the creation of profession trade associations. Clearly we have the opportunity to be the market leader by gaining, among other things, first mover advantage. 4. Marketing Plan 4.1 Overall Marketing Strategy In order for TapNet to be successful it must generate a series of repeat users and

establish its community. This is tremendously import for the success of TapNet. The TapNet site is targeting a very select group of users, the trade association community. The following features are designed to be offered as free or fee services to this community in return for generating interest, repeat use and loyalty to the site as active participants of this community. 4.2 Pricing Pricing will be established based on leading Internet Pricing Models. TapNet will offer banner adds to all its trade association’s members. This will be based on a flat fee and a yearly contract. 4.3 Sales Tactics and Promotion Sales tactics include only using on-line capability. No direct sales force will be deployed to assist in marketing activities. Major promotions include the following: 

Trade Show Site – On the TapNet.com front page, there is a series of links to microsites that provide information and services for the tradeshow visitor and exhibitors in the form of a virtual trade show. This virtual trade shows are a link to trade association websites that offer product and services to other trade associations. These microsites will be a great draw for TapNet site.  Daily Trade Association Headlines – This feature is a daily e-mail posted and pushed automatically to all subscribers. The daily headlines are short: two to three sentence blurbs about events and issues affecting the trade association industry as they happen. The email newsletter is free and easily downloadable.  Discussion Forums – This feature I a bulletin board style posted

discussion.  Stock Listing – This feature provides stocks traded in US. The delay is 15 minutes and is used as a draw.  Calendar of Events – This feature provides a listing of the events of relevance to the trade association. Events are organized by the month in which they occur. 4.4 Advertising Our goal is to advertise on the leading Internet portal and search engines. We will also participate in print ads of leading trade association magazines. 5. Design and Development Plans The design of the system will have to include several factors. From the client’s point of view they will want security, responsiveness, cost and availability. Our needs will include maintainability, disaster recovery, and cost. 5.1 Development Status and Tasks Current development status is in