Taoism And Confucianism Essay Research Paper Taoism

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Taoism And Confucianism Essay, Research Paper Taoism And ConfucianismTaoism and Confucianism both combine to play an important part in Chinese Philosophy. Though in essence the two are opposite in many ways they do not contradict each other. They each deal with differentmatters of everyday life. Confucianism dealt with the success of thestate and the job of the upper class to rule the lower class. It madefive rules which should be followed by mainly the upper class to keep order. They are; governed respects governing, pupil respects teacher, younger respects elder, female respects male, and friend respects friend. The rulers, men of ability which have the power to rule by the “Mandate of Heaven” have to keep their subjects happy by being fair. This concept isvery

different than Taoism because this philosophy believes that all things in this world are controlled not by the people but by the Tao. Never the less, government should and will exist but in harmony with Tao. Governmentwill not wage war, will not be complex, will not interfere with people s lives, will not be wealthy, and will not tell the people what to do but it will help guide them. Unlike the specific relation between the respected and the respectful in Confucianism, Taoism believes government has to laya minimal role in the live of people. But together these two philosophiescan create a government which can have laws to guide the conduct of itselfand to help the people. But the people should not try to make lawsthemselves because that would be against the teachings of the

Tao. They also should avoid public duty and let the people chosen by the”mandate of heaven” govern, therefor letting nature take its course. This is believed in Confucianism also because obedience and loyalty iswhat is stressed where the lower class obeys the upper class which must be loyal and not take advantage or become too powerful. Therefor Taoism could be used by the rulers to keep order and build a great, near perfect government based on Confucianism s five rules and education. In this way the two philosophies could co-exist in Chinese Philosophy.