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during World War I, and will continue to evolve until they are no longer needed for ground warfare, as long as the technology involved continues to evolve. The blitzkriegs of World War II and the Yom Kippur war both demonstrated that tank maneuverability was the key to ground warfare success, so many technologies have developed to increase the maneuverability of the tank. The speed of a modern tank as compared to the earliest models has increased 15 fold on both road and cross-country surfaces. The range of tanks has also increased over the past century. Tanks can now go up to around five times farther than they could on the same tank of gas, which has allowed for an increased operation radius, which is widened even more by the implementation of new communications systems. The

lethality coupled with the survivability of tanks has allowed for a better battlefield record and the ability to easily upgrade most tanks (e.g. the panels of ERA that can be placed on different sections of a tank) has allowed for a longer life. Tanks are on the leading edge of technology and are an essential part of today?s armies.