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dominance through Katharina. Many times the void for domination is too great to be filled through taming a wife. If a relationship reaches the extent of physical violence help may be need. William Gouge, author of Of Domestical Duties: Eight Treatises, sustains this understanding. "Because the Scripture hath so plentifully and particularly declared the several duties of husbands and wives, and yet hath delivered nothing concerning a husband’s striking and beating his wife. (Gouge, 226)" Gouge asks what purpose a man has in beating his wife? Explaining that this only infuriates the wife more. "She may be of so outrageous a disposition as, but by force, she will not be kept in any compass (228)." When the level of domination is changed from a teaching device

physical beating the control should be taken from the man. Such cases of abuse are often associated with other problems such as Alcoholism and drug addiction. This abuse is commonly referred to as domestic violence, which has always been a problem in society. Today an increasing number cases of domestic violence are reported. This occurs because women have collectively taken a stand against domestic violence. Today, taming a wife by striking to teach a lesson is abuse. Women understand that abuse is a crime. Abused women learn to report such a crime against their husband, and because of this domestic violence is taken more seriously. The ideals represented in Taming of the Shrew are out dated. We, as Americans, have come towards a concept of equality in relationships. Male

dominant relationships were common thought out the forties and fifties in the United States. Women were deemed as housewives, whose job was to clean and have dinner ready for their husband’s return from work. Imagining women in that type of status is difficult to do in society. Families are not a place for a tyranny. Families are a source of love, not a place to dominate through order. Two people are certainly collectively smarter than one person. Male dominating treatment towards women is hard to comprehend. If one looks back on the stereotypical relationships of our grandparents during the forties and fifties, the many changes with today’s generation easily juxtapose. We see women with high paying jobs and powerful positions in life. Single women raising families have

become a recent trend. A sense of how far we as a society have come since Shakespeare’s time to today verifies that male domination is dying out. We as a society have shifted towards equality. 34e