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and Evaluation In sum, I would have to say that I really am not all that surprised at what I found each particular source to be interested in. I also am not surprised that I trust their information and the validity of it, because they stuck to what they are good at. For instance, if the travel magazine had tried to go in depth about the topsoils of the region, I would not have trusted it. First of all, they are not scientists at all that would generally know any of that, and secondly, they would have been straying from their audience in detailing things like that. Most of my knowledge about environmental issues probably comes from the popular press. I am not much of a scientist, as I am a business major, so I can t keep interested in Smithsonian or American Scientist, much less

any of the detail-heavy scientific journals. However, I m also not going to trust the tabloid press with really informing me of anything important, so I keep it in perspective. I also am very active on the web, so I can learn a lot from that as well. In general, I think most people are probably like me in that most of what they know environmentally comes from what they read in newspapers or see on the evening news. Really, I think that s how it should be also, because that is the medium that reaches out to the most people. Bibliography National Park Service. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. 9 Feb. 2000. http://www.nps.gov/tapr/home.htm National Park Trust. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Frequently Asked Questions. 9 Feb. 2000. http://www.parktrust.org/zb-faq.html Penney,

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