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Talk Show Trash Essay, Research Paper Talk Show Trash Jeff Pavelcsyk LE 100 sect-18 March 3, 1997 These are some views on why talk shows are trash. They do nothing at all to improve any standard of living in this country, or others also. The shows are about ninety percent on topics that do not affect any of us, or that the people in general have any sort of interest in. All they do is pollute today’s already sickening society with trashy ideas so that some other idiot can go out and try, after getting the idea from the show. First we will start with Richard Bey, one of the self-proclaimed kings of daytime trash. Well did today’s show have any meaning or share common interests of the general public…not at all. Today’s topic was ?engaged men who wanted to tell their

lovers about their secret gay lives?, what trash this was. It started off having the men come out and talk about their women and then about their gay partners. Then in front of millions of people they brought out the ladies on stage, to then embarrass them by talking in detail about their gay encounter, I was almost sick. One man actually told his fiancee the he had sex with one of her male cousins. Another told of his experiences of picking up male gay prostitutes in the streets of New York City on many occasions. Now my question is that is any of this even necessary for people to watch, or the embarrassment of the individuals and those mentioned in the show. The next trash candidate would definitely be Jerry Springer, who tries so very hard at the end of his show to put

real-life meaning to the topics of his show in ?Springer’s thought of the Day.? Topic this time is ?pssst.. I have a secret to tell you.? During the duration of this show topics ranged from a forty year old women having an affair with an eighteen year old boy. After the women told her husband and him almost breaking down crying, they then brought the boy who was wearing one of the husbands gold chains that the wife had given him. Next a girl admitted to her boyfriend that she had committed acts of lesbianism with his older sister, after that how could the brother learn live with the betrayal of his girlfriend and sister. Finally there is one of the favorites for talk shows which is that I am already married. This women who had been dating this man for three told him about her

being married for the last ten years. Last but certainly not least we have Rikki Lake, and I thought that this show which was emotional but completely tasteless in the regards of human feelings. This show dealt with sexual lovers who wanted to confess of them being H.I.V. positive. I mean the emotions on this show were unreal, but why do this to a person on national television where the whole world gets to watch their reactions. Most of the people involved were having unprotected sex so their risk of having the disease is a reality. The excuse of most of these people, which made me sick, was that they were scared that if they told them before then they would lose that person forever. To even expose the unknowing party by being told in this way is just morally wrong. But at least

Rikki being the ever so caring person that she is at least offered to have arrangements made to have the unknowing parties tested. So when all this is said and done where does that leave the viewers in most of these programs? I say with a dillusional view of some of the few sick people of today’s society, and just makes it look like another common occurrence. These shows are in bad taste, not caring who gets hurt but who will get the better ratings for this kind of torture or humility of others. I can’t even fathom why any broadcasting company would even sponsor this kind of public filth, which I believe serves as a corrupting source of this nation. These are some views on why talk shows are trash. They do nothing at all to improve any standard of living in this country, or