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characters than the other way around. This is because by its very nature Safeway is a place where people are compelled to congregate. Mary Ann begrudgingly gets a lesson on how to pick up men from Connie. Once alone Mary Ann is besieged by a man inquiring specifics on Chinese cooking. She is repulsed by the overt scenario and quickly dumps him into the frozen food section. To her frustration the second round of interaction is with a beautiful man who is not there to pick up girls, he was just being friendly. He had no intentions of picking her up, namely because he was gay. Mary Ann s emotions dip to her foundation, when she realizes that again she is unsuccessful at forging her new life. “Connie s Bummer Night” ch.6 p.20-23: Connie arrives back from Safeway, as she puts it,

“with no weirdoes.” Mary Ann turns down Connie s invitation to go out yet again to find tonight s Trix. The night passes and Connie still does not have a man, one that substitutes for a meaning relationship, to prevail by her side. The next day Mary Ann takes her lonely suitcase and what possibly is forever, leaves behind Connie for 28 Barbary Lane. She has experienced one side of San Francisco that does not appeal to her. Moving on to the next situation, she continues on her path for a new life, leaving Connie on her own. “The Employment Line” ch.7 p.24-27: During her first day in her very own apartment Mary Ann seeks to fulfill her horoscope by availing herself to the Metropolitan Employment Agency. Her posting was deceptively innocent. A red-faced Mr. Creech decided

that he wanted a girl Friday for more than just office work. Mary Ann fell back on her hometown morals and declared she was indeed uptight about that type of work. Not being able to withstand the rejection, she cried herself to sleep. After she woke up she wrote a deceptively optimistic letter to her parents. Anna intuitively knew of Mary Ann s troubles that day. She consoled Mary Ann with a neatly rolled joint and a letter of support welcoming her. Mary Ann truly needed a friend in her new life. “Enter Mona” ch.8 p.28-31: This is the introduction of the oddly free Mona Ramsey & the steadfast Edgar Halcyon. While taking out the garbage, Mary Ann meets head on with Mona, another tenant. Mona uncovers her quaint Franciscan nature by revealing the secrets held in Mary Ann s

garbage. Mona trying to be friendly, invites her up for tea and a chat. With Mona s connection at work, Mary Ann successfully interviews with Edgar Halcyon of Halcyon Communications. “The Ad Game” ch.9 p.32-34: This is the introduction of the flippant & troubled Beauchamp Day. Some time has passed and Mary Ann has settled into her new job as the personal secretary for Edgar Halcyon. Beauchamp is described in great unnerving detail. He is irreverent, married and flirting with Mary Ann. He asks her to lunch that afternoon. Exposed to another moral dilemma, Mary Ann, begins to think that her ideas of morality need to be modified to let her experience her new life. “Edgar Blows Up” ch.10 p.35-38: Concerned for his daughter s marriage, Edgar confronts Beauchamp on his

whereabouts the night before. The chapter turns to Mary Ann & Mona having a friendly lunch together. Later on Mona asks Anna if Mary Ann knows about Anna s secret. A mystery that is frugally explained in chapter 105, is left unanswered in this chapter. This helps develop Anna s secretive identity. “Anguish in Bohemia” ch.11 p.39-42: This is the introduction of the blue-blooded Frannie Halcyon. Edgar calls Frannie on the phone to make up an excuse for not coming home that evening. Suspecting deception, Frannie becomes combative. After getting off the phone with Frannie, Edgar admits to himself that Ruby Miller might as well have been his mistress. The chapter diverts to a conversation at Beauchamp s social club. Drugs were used by a club member. Both of these situations

shatter high societies ambiance. The lives of the rich are not perfect. “The Wrath of DeDe” ch.12 p.43-45: Beauchamp realizes that DeDe was waiting for him to take her to a social ladder climbing party. He begrudgingly rushes home to chauffeur her to this social incarceration. Once home the two quarrel about DeDe calling up her father the previous night. The quarrel ends when DeDe pronounces that Beauchamp is obligated to her father. The undertone here is that Beauchamp does not relish the idea that he is not of the same social class of his wife. He resents when he feels inferior, and frustrated when he has to live up to the social class. With this small triumph, DeDe can declare that she knew about the lunch date with Mary Ann Singleton. Behind those words she suspects