Tale Of Two Cities Chapter Summaries Essay

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Tale Of Two Cities Chapter Summaries Essay, Research Paper A Tale of Two Cities Book One: Chapter One/The Period In this chapter we learn about the time that the story is taking place. It is taking place in 1775 and will happen in both France and England. The state of France is terrible now. France has been on the decline and is now close to being bankrupt with little food for the people that are living there. In England the situation is not as bad, but it could be better. They are having problems with America. In the major cities of these countries there is much crime. Mail is being stolen and so is furniture and jewels. The upper class has been told to stay is at night as not to be attacked and have their goods stolen from them. A Tale of Two Cities Book One: Chapter

Two/The Mail There are several passengers traveling on a mud filled road with the Dover mail. It is a dark and gloomy night. There is mud everywhere and they need to walk out of the cart because the horses can’t make it up the hill. All of the passengers, including the coachman, Tom, and the guard, Joe, are suspicious of highwaymen. The guard is carrying a pistol. Finally the horses bring the coach over the hill. Then the passengers begin to get back into the cart when the sound of a horse galloping is heard. The men stop and the messenger says he is looking for Jarvis Lorry, and employee of Tellson’s Bank of London. Jerry, the messenger is permitted to come up and he tells Jarvis to “Wait at Dover for Mam’selle.” Jarvis replies by saying “Recalled to Life”. Jerry

finds this odd, but leaves with the message. Jarvis gets back into the cart and then they leave. Then the messenger gives to the message to somebody in the Temple Bar and the chapter closes. A Tale of Two Cities Book One: Chapter Three/The Night Shadows Jerry Cruncher is one his way back to London to deliver Lorry’s message. The message and the night shadows bother Jerry so he keeps on stopping at alehouses to drink. While Jerry is going back to London Jarvis Lorry is in the bumpy mail coach. It is night and he is trying to sleep, along with the other passengers. Dickens then talks about how each one of these men are different with there own secrets. Lorry is dreaming about digging up a dead man. He finds out that the man has been buried alive for 18 years and doesn’t know if

he can live. He also is going to meet a lady, which is probably the person that Jerry is taking the message too. Lorry doesn’t like these dreams and he keeps on waking up and going to the window so the breeze and rain can hit him in the face. Finally it is day and the shadows and dreams are gone. He then thinks how horrible it must be to be buried alive for 18 years. Of course this person wasn’t literally buried alive, but was in a jail for this long amount of time. A Tale of Two Cities Book One: Chapter Four/The Preparation Mr. Lorry arrives at the Royal George Hotel, and is the last person to leave the mail carriage. He goes up to his room where he can have a shave and get into some fresh clothes. Jarvis is around 60 years old. He goes downstairs and has breakfast. Then he

spends the day on the beach in Dover. When nightfall arrives Jarvis goes up to his room and has some wine. He is waiting for Lucie Manette. Lucie arrives and Jarvis goes to see her. They have met before when she was two and Jarvis took her across the Channel as an orphan 15 years ago. They talk and Lorry keeps on saying that this is business. He talks about Lucie’s childhood and her family history. Then he tells her that her father, Dr.Manette of Beauvais, is not dead. He has been in a jail for 18 years and was just released. Now he is old and different. He doesn’t even know his name. As of now he is in Paris staying with an old servant. Lucie says that she is going to see a ghost and faints. With this Jarvis calls for help and Miss Pross comes in/ She throws Mr.Lorry across