Taking Pains On Art Essay Research Paper

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Taking Pains On Art Essay, Research Paper When someone speaks to me of art, dozens, even hundreds of images come to my mind, yet there is something more to art than just the painting or the sculpture or the mosaic. I look at art as something much more enchanting and more personal than that. It is something very essential and innate to us, yet with all its importance is rarely fully expressed and only by a divinely selected few who are born with this gift. Art can mean a lot of different things to different people. It can be the path to clarity for some and the destruction of all sensibility to others. In spite of that, to the majority of artists, it is a source of inspiration and liberation physically and mentally. Although it is in many ways a release from the chaos and pain

of the real world, for most artists, it requires a lot of difficulty, isolation, sorrow and pain to make this release from our world possible. Upon their release, they enter their own enchanting world where clarity removes all barriers and art is created and expressed to its full glory. The final product of an artist who goes through all this is something of great, indescribable beauty that makes the pleasure in the end worth ten fold the pain he or she has gone through in the excruciating process of creating a work of art. Some people may think that art can be taught to others and by practice one can possess the requirements of becoming an artist. This is partially true on condition that the person being taught possesses the sixth sense of an artist or else even after many years

of practice the person would not have the qualities of a true artist. Most artists are generally the same, but there are two distinct types of artists. The first, who is a total artist, is absorbed in his or her art in such a way that it has controlled the life of this artist. Such artists that come to mind are Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raphael, Vincent Van Gogh, and Monet. These great people who were masters of late renaissance art, classicism and impressionism gave their lives to art, taking nothing in return but pain onto themselves. They have left us with the most beautiful works of art the world has ever known and probably ever will know. These people clearly show how rare true artists are, for they are among the very few true artists ever to walk this

earth. I believe that every person on this earth has had at least one great artistic experience in his or her lifetime. It could happen in the beginning of one s life, at the end or anywhere in between, but for me it happened one year ago. . (Continue giving an account of your artistic experience .)