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obviously not the mandatory test. There are too many reasons that it would not work. The way to not allow this disease to take over the world and to not allow the prophecy that it is the end of the world to come true is education. It is the only way that rights will not be violated and people will become more aware of the gravity of the situation. “Because of the physical and social ruin this infection occasions, we cannot afford to be ambivalent toward those who unreasonably risk infecting others or who will not share information that can literally save lives”(Schoeman 547). The way to stop these people from infecting the world is the education of the society. The only way to not get HIV is to not share needles and to not have any type of sexual contact. This is an

unreasonable request of people but if people understand how not to get the disease, they can use that information when choosing a sexual partner. They can help spread the information to their friends. Although it is not a foolproof method of getting rid of HIV and there are still people that will contract it, it will at least help the situation. It is the only way to combat this killer without violating the rights of the people in our society. 347