Taiwan S 2Nd Democratic Presidential Election Essay — страница 4

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two factors: First, the race is so tight that whoever wins will do so by a small margin and will not have a mandate. The new president will thus have to reach a cross-party consensus before dealing with China. Second, the influence of mass sentiment is such that the new president must win the confidence of the people before any negotiations. But meanwhile, the polls say that as many as 80 percent of Taiwan s 22 million people do not want to reunify with China in the foreseeable future, and for obvious reasons. Bibliography 1)Chen-yu Lin, The candidates go head-to-head, www.taipeitimes.com/news/2000/02/21/print/0000024934 2)Chen Lauren, Little Rest for the Ambitious, www.taipeitimes.com/news/2000/01/17/print/0000020279 3)Cheng Allen, The Cause of Black Gold,

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