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any religion. Generally, it is important for Chinese to pay respect to older people. Children must respect parents; wives must respect husbands; brothers and sisters must respect each other. This practice is called filial piety, and is part of the philosophy of Confucius, plus a blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and five thousand years of Chinese thought. Weddings Weddings in Taiwan are increasingly similar to those in western countries. Chinese brides now wear the same kind of wedding gown as the Americans, but the traditional color of red is still very apparent at Chinese weddings. Many Chinese wait until they are almost 30 years old before getting married. The man often will postpone marriage until they have completed their schooling, their military service, and are more sure of

having a secure job. Funerals Funerals in Taiwan may seem odd to the westerners. For on thing, white, not black, is the color that is often seen at funerals. Also, some Taiwanese perfere to invite a lot of people to come to the funeral, so the family might sometimes pay people to attend even though they do not know the man who died. Fortunately, these cases occur less than before. Part of the funeral ceremony includes the burning of paper money and otherpaper objects, in the belief that the smoke will carry the real object up to heaven for the dead person to use. Families usually burn huge paper house, paper mercedes, paper servants, paper appliances for their loved ones.