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years ago by only 7 members of the KMT legislators. The reason that they form such party is because their ideals to reform the Taiwan government. 5 years ago, ROC government was controled by weak and corrputive KMT officials (so is now) that the anarchist DPP members disturb the domestic tranquility. They thought there is a need to restore the proper social order and long lost Chinese culture. Unlike the KMT and DPP, New Party do not think that “Money” has to go with “Power” and anything has to go the “hard way”, so they are peaceful fighters against the corruption and the violence in society. At that time, all the political critics believed that this party will not survive under the domination of KMT and DPP. However, over 5 years their support has raised from 5

percents to now 20 percent and is still steadyly growing. As people like me (well educated middle class) support this party, I believe Taiwan will be a better country. Taiwan is a crowded island. Imagin 21 million people living on an island that’s only 36,000 square km, including all the mountains and unlivable areas. If you do some serious calculations, you would find out that in some big cities like Taipei, the density of population averages over 1500 persons per square km! Therefore, if you travel on Taiwan, you will usually see people. Sometimes, even if you climb a mountain or hike far into the woods, you will still find a little farm village hidden in the jungle, or students on a picnic, or soldiers on maneuvers. There are three major groups that live on the island of

Taiwan. The first group is the Chinese that migrated to Taiwan 400 years ago to avoid the chaos and war in China. These people have their own dialect (Taiwanese) and customs. However, although they consider themselves as Taiwanese, they are still Chinese. The second largest group living in Taiwan is the Mainlanders that came over 40 years ago when the Nationalists fought the Communists. Because these people are often well educated and sometimes wealthy (despite the soldiers that came along), they efforts helped to shape the present country. The last group is the aborigines who have been living in Taiwan for more than thunsands of years. These people are like the Indians in American who face considerable problems. These three groups were living in harmony few decades ago. However,

the DPP has been trying to emphasize that the Mainlanders are not truely Taiwanese but Chinese Pigs. You see, they believe Taiwanese are NOT Chinese (this most frustrates me!) . They declare that once Taiwan is independent they will kick all the Chinese Pigs out. The problem is that there are people like me who is half Taiwanese and half Chinese Pig… Taiwanese are friendly and nice people. Most people who do not know about Taiwanese may think that they are just like those poor third world country people who have low education rate, and abuse the natural environment. Well, I am here to prove that Taiwanese are very kind and considerate. If you ever come to Taiwan, you will find that Taiwanese provides the foreigners with extra help and care. If you go to a grocery store without

knowing even a Chinese word, you will find that the Chinese in the store, even the other customers will all be your aid to find the things you want to buy. Sometimes you will even get a discount. That’s why there are more westerners coming to Taiwan for jobs now, or for vacation. Also, there are far less mental illness, alcoholism, social disturbances, and violent crimes in Taiwan compare to elsewhere. Religions in Taiwan Most Chinese on Taiwan are Buddhists. Buddhist temples, shrines, and statues are found all over Taiwan; in Changhua, there is a 72-foot high statue of Buddha, and in Taichung there is an even taller statue of Milwofwo, the Happy Buddha. The oldest and best-known BUddhist temple in Taipei is Lungshan Temple, which is about 250 years old. “Lung-Shan” means

Dragon Hill; the temple is always busy with worshippers and toursists. Chinese usually do not go to a group service, but rather go to the temple individually when they have a desire to do so. In Chinese temples, you will see statues and statuettes of other gods, goddesses and saints, and you will be impressed bye the elaborate roof carvings of animals and human figures. You will see incense being burned and paper money and food offerings being made for the gods. In addition to Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism are also important philosophies of Taiwan. Chinese are very tolerant about religion, and they see no difficulty in considering themselves to be Buddhist, Confucianist, Taoist, and even Christian, all at the same time! Other Chinese don’t concern themselves too much with