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Taiwan 2 Essay, Research Paper Taiwan is an island located about 100 miles from China. It was originally part of China. But in 1949, the communists seized Mainland China forcing the nationalists to retreat to Taiwan. From then on, Taiwan is also known as Free China. The leaders of Republic of China, (Free China) hoped someday that the communists will be driven out of China. Therefore, they start to build Taiwan as a military base for such purpose. However, their dreams were never accomplished, instead, their efforts turned Taiwan into a economic powerful country. This is also known as the Taiwan Miracle. There is another interesting information about Taiwan’s name. Despite Free China, Taiwan also has two other names, “Taiwan” (the one we call it) and “Formosa”.

Let’s talk about “Taiwan” first. “Taiwan” means “terraced bay” to the mountain tribal people who originally lives in Taiwan. When the immigrants from China migrated to this island 3 hundreds years ago, they kept hearing the tribal people calling (the place where the Chinese landed) “Taiwan”. Therefore, they assumed that the island is “Taiwan”. Formosa, on the other hand, was called by the Portuguese sailors in the 1600s. It means “beautiful island”. Therefore, there are still people referring Taiwan as Formosa when they try to beautify Taiwan today. Taiwan is a sub-tropical country that that is warm most of the year. The Tropic of Cancer passes through Taiwan in the southern part. Therefore, snow is unusual to most the Taiwanese here. But there are some

places up in the high mountains that do get cold enough to snow. Because the land is hot and humid, it is the best for growing rice and other farm products. The farmers in north can grow two crops of rice a year in the north and three crops a year in the south. There are mostly mountains in the north part of Taiwan while plate farmland in the south. The government of the Republic of China has some similarities to the government of the United States. The government is based on a Constitution and there is a President and Vice President. ROC has a National Assembly instead of a Congress and there are five branches of the government, legislative, executive, judicial, examination, and control. There are three major political parties and some other lesser known ones. The best party

that control many resources of the country is the KMT, (Kuomintang), also known as the Nationalists. The second best party is DPP, (Democratic Progressive Party). And New Party. Well, from here I have to tell you that I am a partisan of New Party and I will interprete the three parties in MY WAY. Alright, let me give you detailed descriptions of the three parties. KMT is the oldest party in Chinese history. However, over the past 80 years, the whole party has turn from energetic and benevolent to decandent. However, such corruption was not the sole problem of KMT. The biggest trouble this party is facing is the infiltration of the independence idea. Because of President Lee, who is a total hypocratical Japanese renegade, he tries to lead KMT into an authoritarian that secretly

seek the independence of Taiwan. Therefore please note President Lee’s decieteful actions and not to be fooled by the media that support him. Beside KMT, the second most important political party is the DPP. DPP is a party that is known for seeking of the independence of Taiwan. They think that only with the total separation with China would benefit Taiwan. They are the ideal radical leftists. However, because they are too idealistic, these partisans often use extreme and violent ways to accomplish they goals or to express their feelings. As a result, they are also known for their anti-government and belligerent behaviors. The last party which is also the party that I personally support, is the New Party. New Party is a pretty “new” party. it was formed, I believe, only 5