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Tahoe Essay, Research Paper The Lake Tahoe Basin is one of the most beautiful and majestic natural lakes in all California, if not the United States. Its ecosystem has been suffering as a result of our modern ways. Human development in the area has caused a number of problems in the health of the forests, and air quality. These elements have contributed, in addition to other pollutants, to the now diminishing clarity and cleanliness of the lake itself. Environmental awareness, however, has made environmental issues more prominent in the political arena. In recent years, the number of State and Federal funded programs protecting the environment, have significantly increased. In the pages that follow, we will be looking at the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy

ecosystem, and how the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency was created to carry out the necessary actions to do so. Somehow, through the progression of time, the human species surpassed all of the other animals in the wild. We reached the point of the agricultural revolution, which took place in the Fertile Crescent. It was there that our ancestors cultivated the land, and planted a monoculture in the soil. They did not know back then it would result in draining the soil of nutrients, caused by cultivating a monoculture in place of the natural polyculture. Eventually, the crop would fail, the soil would be unable to nurture growing vegetation, and the farmers would move on. The land would remain destitute and useless to farmers. Two hundred years ago, the industrial revolution took

place. Modern civilization had truly begun. Large cities became even larger. Factories were more common, and more efficient, as a result of modern machinery. The smoke began billowing from factory smokestacks, the problem with pollution had only begun. In the early twentieth century, the motor vehicle became quite popular in the United States. Since then cars have become more affordable, and are owned and used by a majority of the population. Our technological advancements have made our standard of living increase. However, the results of these changes has caused a decrease in the respect we give to nature. My point in recounting the major stages of development is to point out that modern society flourished, and as a result we failed to recognize the place in nature from which we

came. The reason Lake Tahoe is so important is that action has been taken to save this powerful expression of nature. Lake Tahoe is located about four hours east of San Francisco. The Lake itself sits on the border between Nevada and California. The area was first discovered by the Washoe Indians. They named the Lake Da-ow-a-ga, which translates to edge of the lake. Early explorers, unaccustomed to the Native American dialect, interpreted this name as Tahoe. When John Freemont came through the area he renamed it Mountain Lake. It was also called Lake Bigler for a while. Then, in 1945, William Henry Knight, with the consultation of Dr. Henry Degroot, renamed it Lake Tahoe, believing it meant big water, or high water in the Native Washoe Indian language(www.tahoeinfo.htm). In the

early 1860 s Pioneers came to the area in search of silver. They traveled on Bonanza Road, now known as Highway 50. It was at this time that the ecological damage to the Lake Tahoe Basin began. The settlers began logging the forests extensively for mining purposes, as well as development. The cutting down of trees continued until there remained no choice but to stop, as a result of overharvesting (www.tahoeinfo.htm). In the early 1900 s word had reached the wealthy families of San Francisco. They were now aware of nature s paradise, located so close to the city. This became their vacation retreat. The popularity of the Lake resulted in the development of hotel casinos. Harvey s Wagon Wheel and Gambling Hall opened in 1944. In the 1950 s competition grew. The snow-covered mountain