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team game. There are fifteen players in each team. It is a popular game in England. There are many amateur rug-by football teams in this country. If we speak about football we can mention an American football too. It is a game that is played between two teams of players using an oval ball that can be handled or kicked. The captain of the team must be the oldest or best player. Table tennis or ping-pong originated in 1880. But the British players are not lucky in tennis international championships. Many people like to play table tennis. This game is played by men and women. There are some tennis clubs in England, but if you play there it is necessary to pay money for it. Englishmen like playing tennis but many of them prefer to watch this game. Wimbledon is the centre of lawn

tennis. Some years ago Wimbledon was a village, now it is a part of London. The most important tennis competition takes place there every summer. Englishmen pay much attention to swimming, rowing and walking. The most famous boat race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge. It is usually held on the Thames River. A lot of people come to watch it. There are some racing competitions in England. They are motor-car racing, dog-racing, donkey-racing, boat-racing, horse-racing. All kinds of racings are popular in England. It is interesting to see the egg-and-spoon race. The runner, who takes part in this competition, must carry an egg in a spoon. It is not allowed to drop the egg. I must speak about the Highland Games in Scotland. All competitors wear Highland dress. There are such

competi­tions as putting the weight, tossing the caber and others. The English are great lovers of sports.